Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Year's Best*, Part 1

Music makes a great holiday gift for most anyone. I love making mix tapes, nee CDs, for people but I also like to spend some of that money I'm gonna spend anyway on buying my favorite CDs for others, thereby giving the musicians a little extra (double buying) which seems more than fair, neccesary almost. That was certainly one of the driving forces behind the Fids & Kamily Poll that Amy Davis, Stefan and Bill created. But as I've said before, they had restrictions. Damn restrictions. (But still, read my review of the Dan Zanes CD!) So over the next few weeks I'm gonna try and drop all the names of the bands and their CDs that were on my list, with a tune or two to inspire you. I've written about many of these bands before but perhaps you're new to this here blog or if not, you've long ago forgotten about the gloriousness that is the following.

*Wholly subjective, no restrictions, many of the CDs are not even from this year exactly, in no particular order. Oh well.

Saint Etienne – Up The Wooden Hills
This six-song EP was I think, originally supposed to be released on its own but as far as I can tell, it’s just been released as a double disc set with their 06 release “Tales from Turnpike House.” Any which way you can get it, I think you should— it’s one of my favorites (if not the favorite) CD that was released with the children’s market as it’s express goal. It’s danceable, hand-clappable, fantastical and just a damn fine good time. But I will tell you, my daughter didn’t come around to this quick-like. Upon initial plays she rejected it outright. But I tried again, like I did with non-nuggeted chicken and just like that, she found the love. Every song is gorgeous and fun at the same time thanks to Sarah Cracknell’s breathy voice. And the accompanying full length CD is a good late-night CD for you, your mate and a fine bottle of wine. It's like two for one, only that one is really expensive because it's an import. Sorry!

Saint Etienne, "Excitation"

Saint Etienne, "A Good Thing" (from the "adult" disc)

Now, you wanna buy that CD combo plate? Make sure you get the "Tales of the Turnpike" that comes with the EP, "Up The Wooden Hills." Buy it, here.
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