Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Grass From New York

The Lovely Mrs. Amy Davis interviewed Dan Zanes last month and in that lovely give and take he mentioned his fellow Brooklynites, the band Astrograss, who played with him on his song "Jump Up!" on the Bright Spaces 2 comp. I felt the need to investigate.

Astrograss are pretty darn cute-- they have a young, fresh indie take on bluegrass and perform adult shows and kid shows, kind of like TMBG do. They have a kids' ep out, simply titled, Astrograss For Kids and self-titled CD from last year. On their website you will find a muncha buncha live covers available for download. I'm not gonna write much more, you can check 'em out below, and on their sites, one for adults, one for kids.

Astrograss, "Hungry Mungry" (words by Shel Silverstein!!!)


A couple of other things to note:

))) You know this whole lullaby covers of rock songs that's been happening like the Radiohead one? Well, I Guess I'm Floating has a track from the latest, Rockabye Baby! Does Nirvana. If you're into that sort of thing. What do you think? IGIF's Connor is a fan.

))) On Heather's Monday Music Round-Up she features a song by a guy I'd never heard of before, Benjy Ferree. I listened, I liked and then I thought, my kid would dig this song. I mean, "Happy hands are up in the air?" Yeah. Head on over to I Am Fuel, You Are Friends and listen for yourself. She's insitituted that lovely little arrow for your listening pleasure. I need to get me some of that. (Also if you go to today's post she mentioned a KEXP session with Rosewood Thieves who I love, love, love - thanks Heather.)

))) They Might Be Giants have sent out one of their many emails detailing ideal holiday purchases for you, from you, to you that will put money in their hands. I don't mind sending this info along or even this info because they are great.

))) Lunch Money has also sent out an email, but theirs doesn't speak of their wonderful CD from two years ago that if you don't have you should get, no theirs speaks of an upcoming show that despite not being anywhere near, I'm going to mention because wow, does it sound fun. This Saturday they are playing at the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, South Carolina where there is a current Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. It's free, there will be dancing and singing and art making. Wish we were there...

))) The Fids & Kamily Poll is all up complete with essays and reviews and the like. Checkity check it. My own Year's Best that were not featured in that exercise, will unfold on these pages over the next month. It began yesterday. Just look down.


heather said...

clea my dear:

it is a very easy HTML fix to add the arrow thingie. Literally takes ten seconds, and it made me wonder why I hadn't done it before!

I'll email you the code since blogger won't let me post it here...