Friday, December 01, 2006

Food Fight!

I know this has been on a zillion blogs already but c'mon, it's quite perfect for my admitedlly tiny audience: the goofiness of it all, the food throwing, the yeah yeahs. It's all so catchy! And the discussion questions you can circulate to the little ones afterward: would you be angered if someone threw food at you in the name of the fun, if it were something you didn't enjoy eating? Or would that make it worse, as in "they wasted a good plate of s'ghetti and meatballs!"?

Matt and Kim, "Yea Yeah" (Video)

And now, the song, for your files.

Matt and Kim, "Yea Yeah"

Check out more songs at their site.

And thanks Heather for the little blue arrow code!! Check it out people, you click de arrow and you can hear the song on. this. page. Yippee! How simple.


I'm in a pickle, of sorts. Not a big pickle, one of those teeny gherkins. And I know, all bloggers deal with this. Since I'm blogging about kids and music, I get a lot of kids' music these days. Sent free to my house. Which is swell, I mean, I love mail. But here's the rub: I don't like kids' music. I mean, I started this blog because I like playing my daughter music that ALL of us can enjoy together. Sure, occasionally that means some vague semblence of kids music (Lunch Money, Dan Zanes, The Terrible Twos) but far more often than not, it means music originally intended for bigger people. I know there has been much said about making kids too cool for school and I agree with the statement that I don't have to like all the music she likes. But it sure makes life more fun when I do because we listen to music in this house together. We also watch TV, when we do, together (and that means I've seen every ep of Power Rangers Mystic Force, mind you) but that's what we do. Will there come a time when she does these things on her own? Of course, sooner than later I'm sure. (And she does play alone and draw alone, fyi, I don't shadow her every move!) But music is often on and we really do listen as a family and most of what I get in the mail, 99% actually, while I know the musicians put their heart and soul into it and time and energy and money and all that jazz, I still don't wanna listen to it. I all too often find it seriously hokey, kind of un-clever and mostly poorly executed. Or boring. Was that too harsh? Yikes. So publicists, please, don't send me this stuff because I feel lousy about not liking it, I don't want to be a critic and frankly, I don't know what to do with these disks... can they be recycled? Case in point, and I don't wanna single anyone out, but geez this band has plenty of fans, my handful of readers hearing this ain't gonna be a blow to their sales (I hope!, truly) but I got the recent Milkshake CD. We saw them on the pretty horrible Disney tour that Dan Zanes was on and well we really wanted to see Dan so we went and they were pretty bad. But you know, my kid liked one of the songs live so when we got the CD, I gave it a fair shake and put it on for her. We listened. She dug a song and asked for it to be played again. I cringed but did it, thinking of Christopher Noxon's recent post. I didn't let on that I didn't enjoy it, I didn't. She asked for it again the next day, we put it on, she made it through two songs and said she didn't like it anymore. Amen. If you like kids' music or your kids like kids' music then you could get them this Milkshake CD or Hilary Duff or her sister or some other over-enounciated sunny plastic pop. Or I could send it to you. I've got a copy with no place to go.


Much More Than A Mom\ said...

Hey Clea! I'm still loving (really loving!) your site and your great pics.

However, I am a teacher and have to play kids music

I'd love any you want to get rid of! A change is as good as a break, as they say.

Much More Than a Mom

Anonymous said...

I mean picks. Oops.


deb in sf said...

Yea, oh yea for the little blue triangle! I love it so! I love the future. It so totally rocks.

And hey, at least one of your readers is a serious dork princess and needs to read about things that are all over the blogs here. I don't know what's all over the blogs. I only know the cool stuff that you filter through. But, oh, I hate to see food fights. I'm one of those killjoys who just can't see 'em without thinking of the waste and the people who don't have enough. Only in america...

I know, bad girl, shush! wrecking all the fun...

Hey, I'm starting an audio section at Max's school library - if any of those CD's are school worthy, I'll share with Nicole....