Monday, November 20, 2006

Octopi? Octopus's? Oh bother.

The holidays are coming, the fids & kamily awards have outlined a collective list of best buys in kids' CDs this year and there are fine choices among them, but you can never, ever go wrong with the Beatles. If you don't already have the White Album, Sgt. Peppers or any number of best of collections, pick one up for a gift. Also out-- the new collection entitled LOVE that is Sir George Martin (aka alleged fifth Beatles) and his son Giles' remix of classic Beatles hits. Sound awful?

It ain't.

They take demo bits, lost bits, un-used bits, used bits and bits from other songs and mash them up and the results are quite nice actually: full, orchestral, gorgeous, seamless, walls of sound. These "new" tunes have served as the backdrop to the thirty-seventh or fifty-eighth Cirque Du Soilel Vegas extravaganza too. Don't be oft-put by the soft, slow intro to Octopus' Garden-- it bubbles up soon enough.

The Beatles, "Sgt. Peppers" (Love version)
The Beatles, "Octopus' Garden" (Love version)

Buy it here. Stream more songs here.


Phil said...

First thing I do tomorrow morning is head down to the store to get this CD. This will be all I listen to for the next week!

Anonymous said...

Check out track 2....listen that the sound of John rolling over in his grave?

Anonymous said...

my niece will probably dig these. She's a big Beatles fan at 10. You're right. You just can't miss with the Beatles. Kids LOVE 'em.

Christopher said...

Octopodes, actually.

Rich said...

Yes, anon, because the Beatles would never have commercialized their music or taken part in over-the-top marketing schemes.

Oh, and by the way, Paul is dead.

Bushwick is Beautiful said...

John would have been all about this sort of cd, I don't know what some of you clowns are talking about. He was always into what was new and hip at ht time. This cd isnt a perfect mash up new mix, but it has some very nice moments on it. Overall this project works, and does no harm to the legacy