Monday, November 06, 2006

A Spanking Good Time

First up, I have mastered the powers of MidPhase and have a new server! Okay maybe mastered is not the right word, hobbling by is more like it, but hey, we have a new place to hold our music and for now it works, so a few hosannas and halelujahs are in order.


Okay, I've been spanked. You see, I have voted in the Fids & Kamily Poll, but alas, the powers that be have rejected one (actually three!) of my picks, one of which is the new "kids" record from The Asylum Street Spankers entitled Mommy Says No! They say since it's currently available on the web-only and not due for official release till February it don't count. Fine, fine. That just means I can write about it here (I wasn't gonna talk up any of my picks till the whole poll was out and public.) I really like this CD. I obviously haven't had it long but from the moment I took it out of the case and plopped it in the CD player, it's been a hit with the family. This is, in many ways, classic Spankers with Christina and Wammo trading off most of the vocals and hence the styles—from old-timey rags to balls-out bar rock to just plain keep Austin weird style tunes.

It's probably no secret, from the song I picked here, that we like the Christina picks betta, BUT having said that, "You Only Love Me For My Lunchbox" (Baby) is about as fun as the recording gets. And it's a fun one. I like the Spankers previous adult incarnations, their politics are dished up with knee-slapping hilarity (see You Tube for their video "Slap A Yellow Ribbon On Your SUV" for proof.) And certainly the music-part was A-OK for the kids -- fun singalongs, catchy melodies, loud shout outs -- the only thing is, they are ferociously foul-mouthed. Capital F. Now if you've been here before, you know that doesn't get me too riled up, I can let double entendres fly by with the best of them, but at some point, you gots to draw the arbitrary line.

So this is a welcome addition to our CDs, it will see much play. And as a kicker, they cover a Harry Nilsson song ("Think About Your Troubles") and a Nirvana track ("Sliver," of course...Grandma take me home!)

As I said, it's only available on their website right now, aparently till February when this will be officially released. Oh and I believe Feb 07 is also when we will see truly my favorite kids' CD of the year gets it much overdue release: The Terrible Twos, If You Ever See an Owl. Can't wait, more on that later.

Asylum Street Spankers, "Be Like You" from Mommy Says No!
Asylum Street Spankers, "Cakewalk" from Hot Lunch

And because, seriously, hallelujahs are in order, I can post again...

Rufus Wainright, "Hallelujah" from Shrek soundtrack

**Buy Mommy Says No! (you can even get a lunchbox!)**


Stefan said...

You don't even have to wait until February -- Jan. 30 is the release date for the Terrible Twos disk.