Friday, October 27, 2006

A Really Useful Engine

My son lived and breathed Thomas the Tank Engine from the age of 3 until around his 6th birthday when he suddenly became too sophisticated for talking trains. That hasn't stopped him from watching the show with his little sister (just to be polite, he explains).

The truth is that he loves Thomas. My daughter loves Thomas. Heck, even I love Thomas. Don't we all just want to be "really useful"?

Thomas made a movie six years ago. It featured clunky directing, awkward acting, and downright terrible writing. But my kids don't care. They love it. After 30 or 40 viewings, even I have to admit that the film has a few redeeming qualities. Alec Baldwin is fun to watch, and Diesel makes a good villain. But what I like the most is the music.

The soundtrack (which is now out-of-print) featured these sweet ballads and pop songs:

Ben Wright - "Summer Sunday"
Maren Ord - "Shining Time"
Joe Henry - "Some Things Never Leave You"
Atomic Kitten - "The Locomotion"
Dayna Manning - "I Know How The Moon Must Feel"

You can still buy the movie on DVD. It's really not that bad. Well, Mara Wilson and Peter Fonda are that bad, but the rest of it is fun.

- Phil


deb in sf said...

my niece and nephew in Brooklyn are unbelievable Thomas savants. It's hilarious and scary at the same time. They have every possible engine and car, can recite the words to every episode, make up pretend Thomas stories all the time... It's really sweet and wacky. I wonder if they have these. Of course, I sent their mom here to check it out.

Max saw the movie once and still talks about it from time to time. It captured him, even though he was never one of the Thomas fanatics.

Thanks for these, Phil! I some kids in Bklyn who will dig!

superclea said...

Ahh another good Phil post with plenty I've never heard before -- and I love suprises -- AND thank you for carrying the torch as the rest of us EZ archive users slog through the new and not so improved version— I can't post songs yet, but soon... hopefully soon.