Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fall Pickin'

Two things put me in mind of this music today.

I am SO psyched about the release of the of The Old Town School of Folk Music Songbook: Vol. One, yesterday! Just reading the track list sends me into fits of singing, which sends my kids into fits of eye-rolling, already. And they’re little. I’m jumping out of my skin to buy a copy.

Then, this whole autumn harvesty mood thing. I want to make quick-breads and drink cider and take my kids apple picking with Clea and her daughter. Here in CA, it’s all Valley. The Central Valley, where they grow all the food. It’s an amazing place to be right now. You can see and smell where everything in the market comes from and it is truly a glorious place to be.

But there’s this other super cool thing in the Valley. This wonderous folk music gem. I took a beginning instrument course at university extension, down in Fresno a couple of autumns ago. The man giving this course, Evo Bluestein, was an inspiration. He’s part of this folk music family headed by his father, Gene in the 50’s and 60’s, continuing now with Evo (and maybe still one or more of his siblings) playing in a couple of bands and teaching kids about music and folk dance around the Valley and the Southwest.

But the kicker was this CD I bought from him for my kids. It’s called A Horse Named Bill. Evo and his brothers and sister made it with their dad in the 70’s. It’s got that great folk authenticity -- they were a real family band. I think you can hear how much they loved each other and the music, even with the occasional teen sass popping up here and there. The songs are traditional songs, Woody Guthrie songs, Carter Family songs and more.

Music for me is so much about community and love and heart. The Bluestein Family’s A Horse Named Bill sounds just like that. I wish I could buy every one of you a copy and send them to you as a gift. But, I can share a song or two and I can tell you where to get a copy of your very own and one to send to your friends and nieces and nephews…

The Bluestein Family - Jubilee
The Bluestein Family - Pike’s Peak

You MUST hear Chawin’ Chewin’ Gum, but I’ve gotta leave you a reason to buy, now, don’t I?

Buy A Horse Named Bill

--deb in sf


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you've blogged this yet or not, but if you haven't heard it, you will most likely enjoy it.
From Hay to Zzzzzzzz, Hillbilly Songs for Kids, by the Big Smith Family. A lot of songs you will remember, done by a family of musicans who love to play.

Also, if you haven't checked out The Bottle Let Me Down, you must, another great collection of music for kids and adults, with Rosie Flores, Kelly Hogan, Handsome Family, and more, lots of great music.