Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Crappy Halloween!

So much Halloween music, so little time. The EZ Archive migration has been a bitch, and that coupled with the annoying fact that I came down with a flu-type bug (it's not even November you cruel and merciless gods of fate, I wasn't even done recouping from my surgery!) so after my massive self pity party I had little to no time and in fact no place to post said songs. Sucksville.

Still, it is Halloween and it would be downright sad if smallages didn't post on such a day. So, I give you a link or two below to round out your Halloween sounds playlist for tonight's festivities.

I'd already mentioned Scar Stuff and well, it is the best in my opinion for all the creepy crawly sounds and old school tunes. Monster Shindig is another, although he has quite a bit less than Scar Stuff.

Power Records uploads the old LPs of my youth put out by Power Records, these are story albums with Wonder Woman and Conan the Barbarian, GI Joe and Star Trek. So bad it's good. Not super Halloweenie, but could be good if you've got yourself a little Wonder Woman or Superman on this day.

You Ain't No Picasso has a CD's worth of very nice halloween-inspired tracks up. Kid stuff? Some, for sure. Some, for not.

I watched a lot of TV in the last couple of days, being sick and all (pity me), and Fine Living of all networks has a long mp3 to download of spooky sounds, go to "Scary Sounds Download". can't say I've listened to the whole thing, but it seems pretty decent. They also have video, and this kills me, of Rick Dees reading the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Rick Disco Duck Dees!

And my kid is gonna be a Power Ranger, not a genie, but I have no pictures of that yet.

Happy Halloween!

PS- Testing my new server now, let's see if it works: Tuesday talks.


deb in sf said...

Oh, yea, yea, yea!

She's one cute genie, nonetheless! Way to come though in a creative pinch! Fun halloween stuff... Rick Dees! That's wierd and creepy enough for my nightmares!

This ezarchive thing has everyone in a tizzy. poop. I thought I had a work-around using my .mac account, but nope. Tried it and it didn't work.... There will be more fun. There must be.

Feel better, C.

Pigeon Racing said...

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