Monday, October 02, 2006

The Blow

Hello, my friends, it's Zak from the Two Mirrors. I think you and your children should know about the The Blow. The Blow is Jona Bechtolt and Khaela Maricich and they have a record coming out on October 24th on K Records. The Blow have a fantastic sound. Think Postal Service minus Ben Gibbard and the addition of a female vocalist, then go a little more upbeat and off kilter. You may even consider Luscious Jackson as an influence. At least the music portion. And thanks to Deb and Bill for reminding us all how fantastic Luscious is.

Below are two tracks from that upcoming record and my little Anna is just addicted to both of them. She just dances around with the look of sheer happiness in her eyes. Now Aiden, on the other hand, could care less because the songs provide him no desire now run around and scream (eg.. Cursive). But none of us can deny how a great pop song makes us feel and these tracks will exemplify that feeling. And how happy would it make Clea to hear that her theory about hand-clapping in songs is proven yet again with the track Pile of Gold. And don't be ashamed to dance like you were two years old again. It's worth it.

The Blow--Pile of Gold

The Blow--Parenthesis


deb in sf said...

I always think I don't like pop music until I hear a mad cool band like Blow! I love these songs! LOVE! And yes. Annie was dancing and begging for more.

You RULE, Zak!

The Two Mirrors said...

No Deb you rule! Glad you liked the blow. Hopefully others will start to listen too. These songs are really great and its fun to watch my kiddies dance to them. Zak