Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Two Mirrors in the house

Hey everyone, It's Zak from The Two Mirrors. I'm humble enough to realize that I am NOT Clea and this will only suffice as a guest post over here at (sm)all ages. As you all know I love this site and hope to help hold down the fort for Clea while she is away. There are more of us guest bloggers out here who will be stepping in. But I just wanted to share a little something that Aiden and Anna are into right now.

Cursive are an amazing band. You know this and I know this. Know why shouldn't our kids know this. I guess that is pretty much Clea's theme. Anyway. Cursive has a new record out called Happy Hollow and it is brilliant. Recently, Aiden, who is still in his rocking out phase discovered the track Opening the Hymnal/Babies. He absolutely loves it. And I think your kids will too. Providing they like to rock. Plus Tim Kasher gives the adults some brillant lyrics that just may give you chill bumps too. Below is a sample of the lyrics that I'm speaking of...

Baby, baby, baby
This world must seem
So immense compared to the womb,
And baby baby,
Your head must seem
So much smaller than you assumed
Your whole world
Seems to center around you
Be easy to make the mistake
That maybe you’re why the world was made,

Baby, baby, baby,
You learn so fast,
You seem to carry a special gift
Maybe you’ve been given
To this world to make a difference

Such delusions we all struggle with
But the beautiful truth of it is
This is all we are,
We simply exist
You’re not the chosen one
I’m not the chosen one
But we don’t need anyone
Let’s not choose anyone

Now take a listen:

MP3 Cursive--Opening the Hymnal/Babies

Now go buy the record.


deb in sf said...

That boy has some seriously awesome rockin' taste. Max was doing that thing with the two fingers across his eyes (a la uma and john travolta) and wiggling his bum when he heard the song. That = good.

And isn't that the fun of it? - that even though none of us IS clea... we all are clea and she is us and we all are each other and .... we are stardust... (joking)

Thanks for the rock, Zak.

The Two Mirrors said...

Your right Deb--Aiden has some fantastic taste in music. And boy does he like to rock. Glad to hear little Max enjoyed cursive. Looking forward to your guest post too.


Phil said...

I must've missed the memo, because I didn't know about Cursive! That's a great song, though... Shades of Queen and Oingo Boingo, two bands my son likes. I'm definitely going to check out their whole CD. Thanks!