Friday, August 04, 2006

I HEART Guest Posts: The Two Mirrors (or, one of them)

Without furter adieu—

So Aiden is going through a little rock phase. And by little I mean the kid just wants to rock and roll. And I’m good with that. And my little Anna just wants to dance. What I have compiled below for you (sm)all ages readers is a list of the top five songs (plus bonus sixth) that the children of the two mirrors ( (well actually only one of the mirrors) have been enjoying in the month of July.

The Go Team—Ladyflash. My little Anna loves this song. She puts her hands in the air and just dances around. It’ll make your heart melt. I think the Go Team would smile too.

The Arcade Fire—Neighborhood #3 (Power Out). Aiden has loved the Arcade Fire for some time now. It was only recently that we rediscovered out one of the best records of this decade, Funeral. Aiden has really been into this track and Wake Up, both for the rocking nature.

Mates of State—Fraud in the 80’s. I mentioned last month that the Mates are a favorite in this house. And Anna has just fallen in love with this song. Now she is only 16 months old. But whenever music is on you can just tell she is waiting for the opening notes of this song. It’s just a fun little song to dance to.

The Subways— Oh Yeah. The Subways first found their way to Aiden’s ears (and eventually his heart) via Pancake Mountain. They perform two songs on the most recent DVD release. He would watch them over and over again. If you remember the first band you ever loved, you can see that feeling in his little eyes right now. He is all about the Subways.

The Subways— Rock and Roll Queen. Anyway, now for a little description of their sound. The Subways are a pop punk trio, with a hint of the 80’s in their music. You know what they sound like. While there is not much that is extremely original about the music, it is extremely likeable, especially when your son is addicted to them. I was in Orlando this past weekend and visited a great independent record store who was giving away a free poster with the purchase of The Subways new record. As you can imagine it’s hanging on Aiden’s wall right now. Thumbtacks and all.

Bonus! Metric—Empty. While I was trying to get Aiden to listen to something other than rock (namely Voxtrot) he kept saying, “no daddy, I don’t like this song. Not this one, I want my favorite.” So I tried all the regulars (The Subways, Arcade Fire, and Ben Folds). He kept saying, “no daddy, not that song. The one where you say patience.” You see, three weeks or so ago, Aiden was into this Metric song called "Empty." And it starts off real mellow and we had to be patient until the rockin starts. He remembered that from way back and I so moved that we listened and waited for the rock. Rock on Aiden, Rock on.

Once again I want to thank Clea for having me over here and we hope to continue this little monthly feature. It’s a lot of fun for me throughout the month to talk to Aiden and Anna about what songs they want me to tell you about. Enjoy August.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Metric song is the best song ever written.

Anonymous said...

not that it's all too terribly wrong to link to a WMA file, but labeling it with "mp3" is quite a stretch ...

cutting edge technology said...

i love the rock & roll queen from the subways. i´d posted the lyrics of this song:


virtualredhead said...

my sad self can't get iTunes to read a wma file. Any clues for me as to how to make 'em work? I would be ever so grateful, since I really do enjoy your picks.

The Two Mirrors said...

Thanks for all the comments guys. The Metric track gets better every time I hear it. I am thrilled that my little aiden has such good taste in music.

About the mislabel. I am sorry to mislead you in that manner. I will make sure to label the tracks more specifically from now on.

And no I am not sure how to convert the wma to itunes. I turned 30 this weekend and I just got my first IPOD for my birthday. I am sure I'll have to find out soon.