Monday, August 07, 2006

Harry and the Potters

So this songs may not be appropriate for kids the age of mine, but for a little older kid I think these songs are hilarious. This band, really two brothers who dress up in Potter garb, call themselves Harry and the Potters and sing exclusively about the JK Rowling series. It's freaking funny. And just freaky. And one of my favorite things about them is they are on a library tour, the "reading and rocking tour" with Draco and the Malfoys. That kills me.

The songs I've posted here are from the wonderful site, The song-clip "This Book is So Awesome" from their website is my favorite. But alas, I don't have the full tune.

Harry and the Potters, "Platform Nine and Three Quarters"
Harry and the Potters, "The Human Horsepipe"
Harry and the Potters, "The Hogwarts Tonsil Hockey Team"

Their official website is here:
Their My Space page is here.
The Daytrotter Sessions with them can be found here.


Did you watch the World Cup? Remember the most awesome commercial from the games? Yes, I'm talking about the Adidas one with the two kids picking their dream teams. Well, I posted about it on the team-fueled Commerical Music Blog this weekend. It's actually a good song for the kids so head on over and check it out.


Heather at Fuel-Friends posted on the "Scratch" movie from a few years back. A couple of the songs she put up are awesome for the kids, especially the Shirley Ellis tune, "The Clapping Song." A favorite in our home. Go nab it and say "howdy."