Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Tuesday

She's five today. Wow.

Jingle Cats, "Happy Birthday"
Freedy Johnston, "Happy Birthday"
Kermit Ruffins, "Happy Birthday"
Pete Seeger, "Spanish Folk Song (Happy Birthday)"
Pizzicato Five, "Happy Birthday" (not the traditional song, fyi)

And even though it's bloody awful...

Strawberry Shortcake, "A Berry Happy Birthday"


Mrs. Davis said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl! That second picture is PRICELESS.

And did you really just post a Strawberry Shortcake song?

chris said...

My youngest daughter got the strawberry shorcake sickness. I managed to navigate two other girls past it. Anybody else think Huckleberry Pie is destined to be a barbra Streisand fan?

deb in sf said...

Ohmygod. How hard does that girl rock? I don't think she could be any more gorgeous! I think most of her taste can excuse the strawberry shortcake dalliance. We all have embarrasing songs from our past.

Happy Tuesday, Tuesday!

kelli ann said...

happy, happy 5th birthday! bonne fĂȘte, la belle!

heather said...

Clea! Another reason for us to feel an affinity - Samuel turns three tomorrow. I just tucked him in and told hom to go to sleep and turn three and got a little choked up. :)

BTW, Strawberry Shortcake kicks ass (although I don't know about that song, haven't listened to it yet, likely is bloody awful). I still have a Strawberry Shortcake blanket in my room somewhere from when I was a little girl.

superclea said...

Thanks y'all... too cute!And I know, I can't believe I posted Strawberry Shortcake either, but man it's her weakness. xo