Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Handclap Hoedown

Tuesday and I have gone and embarassed ourselves once again, totally low-browing the Contrast Podcast with our gibberish and song. The theme? Hand-clapping, which I had once believed if included in a song, inherantly and instantly made said song kid-ready but alas, the Podcast has proven me wrong. I don't mean it's not great, it is great, but seriously, many a song not for kids. But you're not a kid, are you? So nab it, listen, enjoy, clap along.

The Contrast Podcast: Handclapping

One of my earliest posts, which I'm quite sure many of you missed, was on hand clap songs. There are so many, I swear, I could have a Handclap Blog, if there were in fact 8 or 9 days in a week and I could live on less than 8 hours sleep. So I'm gonna re-post my handclap songs from February of this year, sans my song for the Contrast Podcast. For that, you must go listen to the cast. There are so many more that come to mind that if I get a kick in the pants or a gush of wind round my back, perhaps I will post. If not, look for a Disney Gone Mad post next.

Esthero with Sean Lennon, "Everyday is a Holiday"
Ben Lee, "Catch My Disease"
LCD Soundsystem, "Daft Punk is Playing at My House"
Eels, "Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)"
All Girl Summer Fun Band, "Grass Skirt"

Hey, you know what? The Lovely Mrs. Davis did a little self promotion and she went and got me mentioned in the San Fran Chronicle's Babby Blog too. Bless her ever-loving heart. Check out her great site if you haven't already and of course, see the mention!

Oh Heather. Can I go one post without mentioning her? Apparently not. The Fuel / Friends blogger has got a Paul Westerberg song from the latest kids' movie, Open Season. Honestly, I downloaded it today, but haven't given it a spin. Let me know what you think. I think it is hilarious that Ben Folds and Paul W. and such are being asked to craft songs for kids' movies. We're all growing up and holding jobs of importance in the music and movie biz. Well not me per se. Just us, as a generation. Me? I'm writing books that don't get enough promotion but geez, they're swell.

Got me an email from a reader named Bryan who has opened up a little web store selling kids' CDs and DVDs that are in line with much of what we cover here. The store is cute for sure. It's called Pokey Pup.

Sorry for my abscence. I am just trying to get you all used to the idea that I won't be here much for awhile. Keep checking back though, I think we may have some lovely guest posters and maybe a few surprises. Or, maybe not.

Oh and feel free to let us know in the comments what your favorite handclap song is and maybe we can do a reader-suggested handclap post instead of that crazy Disney one.


heather said...

Hey, one of MY early blog posts was about handclaps too! And I didn't even know you then. Must be fate.

The Colorado Packet is in the mail tomorrow, I just completed it this evening. :)

deb in sf said...

It's so funny. I almost always hear songs as a whole, not picking out parts. so I'd almost never think of a song as a handclap song. But the Cars "let's go" is about the most fun hand clapping song ever. And a kickin' air guitar song, too.

Tim Young said...

Well .. we loved your intro ... is Tuesday that excited all the time or just for intros? Tim

Stefan said...

Not a handclap song per se, but the Shins' excellent song "Kissing the Lipless" starts off with a brief flurry of handclaps.

I think one of the Lunch Money songs -- "Tricycle" -- is more handclappy.

It's also a darn fine song.