Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ketchup Tuesday

I have a lot today. I couldn't post yesterday... I just didn't have anything profound to say and thought Heather at Fuel did a lovely job. I will say this: Five years ago yesterday, I had a one month old. I was whacked out from no sleep and a nice bout of post-pardum and I watched it all unfold on TV real time with her perched on my lap because even though I was on the West Coast, I had been up watching yet another string of Saved by the Bell re-runs and then, we were interupted with the news. And in my haze all I could think about was hate. I hated myself and cursed myself because I thought I had done the unthinkable: brought a helpless child into this f-ed up world.

I think the state of the world is worse even, and I still have freak outs about the future, but my child brings me infinite amounts of comfort and joy. This is so freaking cheezy, but so very true. Because with her, in her, I have regained my hope. It's fledgling but ever-present. I think you have to with the little ones around.

Now on to funnier things:

Morrissey. On a kids' show. Circa '85. No, make that two TV shows.

This first one is Morrissey and Johnny Marr (with Sandie Shaw!) on the UK kids' show, Charlie's Bus.

And the second is another UK kids' show called Datarunners. This one is pretty surreal, the kids interview Morriseey and Johnny Marr and then sing a couple of words from "This Charming Man."

I don't know about the Smiths for Kids... what do you think? I mean, any good music can be enjoyed by children, I think, but the droning, the lack of energy, the schtick, I just don't know.

I do however like the Dream Academy's instrumental version of "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" from yes, the Ferris Bueller soundtrack. Why it's so dreamy. So here you go:

Dream Academy, "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want"

But wait, there's more:

There was Radiodread, the Easy Star All-Stars reggae versions of Radiohead's OK Computer. And now there is the lullaby versions of Radiohead. I wasn't gonna write about the Rockabye Baby stuff because, as you may know, I don't dig on the infantizing (is that a word? infantalizing? infantasizing?) of today's modern rock for the little ones. But you could argue this is a slight bit diff. I mean, it ain't KidzBop. But still, I'd rather listen to the original (although I readily admit the original is probably scary for the kids.) And well, I Guess I'm Floating went and posted on it and now I feel I sort of should. But yeah, I'd rather listen to the original, best of all, the stripped original by the original. But what about the O' Riley piano version?

Rockabye Baby, "Karma Police"
Radiohead, "Karma Police" (acoustic; 'o3)
Christopher O'Riley, "Karma Police"

Hey, IGIF has another Rockabye Baby track, if you dug this, go there.
And Some Velvet Blog has many more acoustic Radiohead tracks; that's where I got this one. Go now, hurry.

FYI - There will also be a crunk tribute to Radiohead forthcoming. Yeah, okay. And another reggae dub tribute. And the originator of radiohead covers: Christopher O'Riley. Sure his songs aren't lullabies (they get a bit intense) but I think those could work nicely for the kids, actually, maybe. And on a side note, do your kids use the word "actually" a lot? Man, my daughter loves that word and she mostly uses it correctly.


deb in sf said...

Oh My. Could we do a whole day of Please Please Please covers? My dear Uni and her Ukelele has a crazy stunning one on her MySpace page. Morrissey on the Uke. Gotta love. Seriously. Check it.

The Smiths for Kids is so messed up! Those videos are nuts! Hilarious. "Heaven knows I'm miserable now". I actually do know a few kids who are that dark at a young age.

And my kids DO say "actually". (uh, where the heck did they get it?) And waay too much. Even the not-quite-three year old.

Phil said...

I haven't played any Smiths for my kids yet... With good reason. Too much drama in those lyrics for an 8 and 5-year-old. "Shoplifters of the World Unite"?? Mmmm... Maybe in a few years.

Geez, now I have to go through all my Smiths and Morrissey songs to see if there are actually a few I could add to the kids' playlist.

Mrs. Davis said...

I love that Dream Academy song, and that scene in Ferris Bueller when they play it.

I just don't get the Radiohead lullaby thing. They're doing a whole series of artists. They sound awful.

And my son says "actually" all the time. It started around age 4-5, I think.

Metal said...

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Kit said...

ah yes! i've been looking for that dream academy song ever since i first saw Ferris Bueller.

The scene in the museum is legendary, don't you agree?

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Eric said...

As a Radiohead fan and a parent, I think that that the Radiohead kids lullabyes are a bit creepy. Dark and a little sinister. I'd be freaked out trying to fall asleep to them.

T. Carter said...

I love The Smiths on kid's television ... it makes me feel better about "Cemetry Gates" being one of my two-year-old daughter's favorite songs (although she insists it's title "Sunny Day").

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for that Dream Academy song. I've been searching for it for awhile now. One of the better covers of the original, in my opinion.