Thursday, August 24, 2006

Their zoo is so much cooler than my zoo.

So I know I posted about Tally Hall before, but last month they opened for Puffy AmiYumi! How rad is that?

Tomorrow (and I realize, it's in Chicago and it's tomorrow and it's sold out and apparently it's been raining pets there but still) is Lincoln Park's Jammin at the Zoo. Man o man, why doesn't my super giant zoo do stuff like this? The line-up is Tally Hall, the Bad Examples (aka Ralph of Ralph's World and friends) and They Might be Giants. So not fair.

Tally Hall, "Greener"
They Might Be Giants, "HotelDetectiveInTheFuture"

And my daughter covering TMBG's "Alphabet of Nations"

Tally Hall's video for "Bananaman"

And They Might Be Giants' video for "Dr. Worm"


Phil said...

Okay, well, that did it. I just bought the Tally Hall album.

deb in sf said...

Lordy. I totally dig Tally Hall, but that scared the heck outta me.