Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I was so thinking of the birds and the bees back then.

The VW Rabbit was the car of choice for the popular girls in my high school. Yep, I'm old.

So the release of the new one and its subsequent commercials caught mine and the hubby's eye. The song featured is "The Birds and The Bees" by Patrick and Eugene (no, this is not The Commerical Music Blog you're reading, although this would be apropos there as well). The song has got the lovely diddley dee quality of a Real Tuesday Weld song, but not so much, by that I mean, it's just a bit subtler. So let's recap what little I know of them: they are English. Patrick (Dawes), the percussionist, has played with Groove Armada (and apparently Richie Havens, too.) Don't know what Eugene's (Bazodis) background is, although I love the name Eugene as it reminds me of my very first crush, circa 2nd grade. (Second crush was named Norman, I apparently had a thing for dorkily named boys.) The song was first used in a UK ad for Gordon's Gin so the VW people are in fact stealing and aren't as hip and inventive as you perhaps thought. You can get their whole CD "Postcard from Summerisle" (Tummy Touch, 2004) on eMusic and I have to say, it is kids' music to the umpteenth degree. All that twiddling horns and tongue in cheek drumming and their punny (not puny) vocals, it all makes for delightful light fare. They cover Kylie Minogue's "Cant Get You Out of My Head" on the CD, although the Flaming Lips version is better. Still, it's fun. I'm gonna post the VW / Gordon's Gin song and their sugar pop version of a sugar pop classic: "Feeling Groovy." Enjoy.

Patrick and Eugene, "The Birds and The Bees"
Patrick and Eugene, "Feeling Groovy"

Purchase Patrick and Eugene songs on eMusic.


deb in sf said...

Are they serious?!! They kill me! I wanna put on fake eyelashes and wink and sparkle. Very fun and wacky. I dig 'em. They are too much in the best possible way.

Eugene & Norman? You're hilarious! My childhood crushes were all the coolest guys in class, but then I married the biggest dork on earth with a very normal name. Love the dorky guys!

You rock!

Neal said...

The Birds and the Bees has been a favourite of mine and my two daughters ever since it was a free tune of the week on iTunes in the UK about a year ago. Wonderful song. I highly recommend them.