Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is this cheating?

Another band with a kid-friendly name.

I ask if this is cheating because I actually only heard these songs a few days ago, via a post from Taylor at Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good. But man, they're so catchy and truly awesome for the younger set too, making them the ideal band to post about here on smALL AGES. I'd seen them on other blogs before and just never taken a second look.

So, here is what I know of this Bicycle band: Lots of handclaps, the occasional horn section, boy-pop-tart vocals, um, they're Canadian, they name check Harry Nilsson and the Monkees and it's obvious why, they like to choreograph their high-fives on stage, and the name of the CD is "The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly."

The Bicycles, "B-B-Bicycles"
The Bicycles,
"Paris is Mine"

Also on their website, a song called "Gotta Get Out" and it's g-g-good. Go get it. I ordered the CD. If you and yours enjoy these pop ditties, you should to.

By the way, if you check out MFKWCRG (wow) go deeper than last Friday and you'll find a hilarious post that includes the theme song to Saved by the Bell. Oh yeah.

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Phil said...

Oh wow, this is what's great about music blogs... I never would've heard about this band otherwise. Incredibly catchy... Real ear-candy. Thanks for posting about these guys!

Chad said...

Yeah, Taylor and I randomly posted about these guys on the same day. But it should be that way - they are really the best kind of catchy. "Gotta Get Out" has been in my head all week...

Serena said...

this was quickly a big hit with my son! you're the best!

deb in sf said...

y'ho! Canadian?! LOVE Canadians. How can you NOT dig anything flippin' Canadian?! What? Ok. But I'm serious. And my littles will dig this stuff. Serious rockin' dance party music. And my niece (6yo) has this crazy Paris fixation and will love Paris is Mine! Big fun.