Wednesday, July 12, 2006

random songs mostly from morning becomes eclectic this morning

In San Diego I can get LA station KCRW in my car about 50% of the time. It comes in and out as I drive through various neighborhoods and this morning, as I sleepily drove my daughter to camp, it was doing just that. But miraculously, it was coming in during the songs and out when Nic Harcourt spoke. I like Morning Becomes Eclectic and I like Nic Harcourt (I even once had a vaguely libidinous dream about him, but that is neither here nor there.) I have a few friends who think he's over-rated (too much singer-songwriter, the complain). They're crazy. Of course he's not gonna please all the people all the time, but he really does turn me on to music regularly that I don't even hear about on the 37 blogs I check regularly. Plus, hello? It's just mighty fine car radio, as good as it gets.

So today as I was driving back from camp he played a handful of songs that I thought worked for this blog. I got a few of those here. Plus, since there was a mild disagreement last week over good Bright Eyes songs and the tune Conor Oberst apparently wrote as a kids' song, I thought I'd post that one too. Judge for yourself.

You know, I don't even know what the Julieta Venegas song is about (save for being titled, "Song of Love") but it's so fun and peppy and I can't wait to add it to the soundtrack of my daughter's birthday party. Plus, the opening sounds just like "99 Luft Balloons." Tally Hall are just silly, but you know, my kid and me both dig the tempo changes and well-orchestrated pop. Plus, they did have one of these songs on the O.C. Tee hee. Dengue Fever is one of those bands I want to see live. I bet they are awesome. Anyway, this song also could be about terrible things for all I know (probably is, I'm sure some reader will inform me), but I love the gal's voice (although not featured prominently in this tune) and I think it would play well next to any of the great Bollywood tunes Heather posted the other day. And Rosie Thomas is a young purty thing and this is a lullaby. She's on Sub Pop.

Got to go, I'm hurting. Here are the tunes:

Tally Hall, "Ruler of Everything"
Tally Hall, "Good Day"

Dengue Fever, "Tip My Canoe"

Rosie Thomas, "Two Dollar Shoes"

Julieta Venegas, "Canciones de Amor"

Bright Eyes, "True Blue"

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DevonT said...

Thought you might enjoy the youtube clip of "True Blue" on Pancake Mountain.

deb in sf said...

KCRW is one of the so FEW things I miss about LA. We left at the same time that Chris Douridas left Morning Becomes Eclectic and there went all my cool music knowledge.

But now I have you... ;-)

looking forward to hearing these. Thanks.

superclea said...

hey I'm here for you. But you know, you can listen online at OR through your itunes (the radio section) -- I often do when I work. But the main place I wanna hear radio is the car, it's a nostalgia thing I think and so I'm thankful when it comes in.

superclea said...

And I LOVE pancake Mountain!!! thanks for that link!

deb in sf said...

thanks Ms. Cuh-leee-uhhhh! yep. Like you -- radio=car. But, maybe I'll try the internet thing. I'll think of it as a podcast. That seems to be working for me.

You Rock! Finally got ezarchive going and I'm gonna listen to these coolies and be off with my bad self. hope you're getting better and better. Eat yogurt.

The Two Mirrors said...

Aiden is now completely and utterly addicted to true blue--thank you pancake mountain. I really wish I got KCRW here in Florida--I too am a big beliver in the car and the radio. Talk about nostalgia--I still buy cd's--what a concept? Anyway I subscribe to an evil empire in satelitte radio, that does the trick with two great stations to keep my feeling hip and young, left of center and cbc radio (canada broadcast comp.)

Thanks for the songs as always

Jeff - OWTK said...

I never have listened to KCRW much. KEXP out of Seattle is what is streaming all day at my desk. What a great station that is. They have a live podcast of Band of Horses right now that is awesome (The Great Salt Lake is a neat song that kids may dig) and the live Elivs Perkins show is terrific (save for the interviewer).


Hippy Mama said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site!!

Thanks soo much for putting these up and expanding my cool music knowledge :)

for some reason though todays fabulousness is playing really really low on my computer. Could you please help me figure out what is oging wrong?

Thanks oodles

Love and Laugher,

Phil said...

We're loving Tally Hall's "Good Day"... This is what's great about MP3 blogs. I never ever would've heard about these guys otherwise. I like these two songs so much I'll most likely buy their CD now.

Much More Than A Mom said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! What a great public service you're providing! My desktop is full of songs that I've gotten from you waiting to be burned for the next long van ride. Thanks!

Check out my awesome new site o' the week at

I'd love to feature you as well. If you're interested, please email me at - no problem if you don't!

Phil said...

Just checked in after a long weekend to see you are still MIA. I hope all is well.