Thursday, July 27, 2006

If I had a dollar for every post...

I'd have a hundred dollars.

Where have I been, you may be wondering. If you don't care and just want music, skip down to the bottom.

Here's the quick version: As I had mentioned, I had been sick. I landed in the hospital two weekends ago. Fast forward two + weeks, several days in the hospital, 4 catscans and one biopsy and I have been diagnosed with a weird rare "disease" wherein the thing that creates your immune system when you're a fetus is supposed to disapear by your teens but instead, well, mine grew. And now it's a tumor like mass in my chest. And it has to come out. Bummer. Please don't send me any freaky or weird or horror stories about such things. I can't take any more.

But I'm actually in good spirits because it could have been so freaking much worse, so let's all say a big halleluah and a few hossanas and move on. I'm back, for now. I will be out for a long time again, so if anyone wants to do guest posts (if anyone is still even checking in on this blog) then email me. I'd love to have some posts when I'm out of sorts.

So I'm gonna ease back in with just a couple of tunes. The first is an old NRBQ song that PBS Kids has set to their old promo from a few years ago. Originally, the promo was set to Des'ree's (whoa, that's a lot of apostrophe's) song "You Gotta Be." It's so interesting how a song can change the mood of the visuals so drastically. Anyway, the new version is played against NRBQ's tune "Only You."

Also included here is Michael Brook's "RockPaperScissors." It's a bit new age-y for my tastes and yet the chorus is sort of cool. Brook did the soundtrack to Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth." And I think to the "Who Killed the Electric Car?" movie that I wanna see, too. This song sounds like a soundtrack to something. Anyway, that's Paul Buchanan on vocals.

Lastly, Phil over at A Family Runs Through It sent me a dance tune from Oh No! Oh My! that his kids like. I like it too.

NRBQ, "Only You"
Michael Brook,
Oh No! Oh My!,
"I Love You All The Time"

More info: NRBQ, Michael Brook, Oh No! Oh My!

** PS - To all you wonderful bands and musicians who have sent me CDs recently, I will be covering those next week so a big ol' thank you, they've been enjoyed, and sorry for the delay.**


deb in sf said...

Yea! Clea's back. You've been missed, oh queen of coolness.

Annie heard that Oh No! Oh My! Song and said "Let's do clap our hands!". Dig! It's a little "A night at the Roxbury" for me, but hey - it's all about the littles!

be well.

Hippy Mama said...

I'm sorry to hear about the craziness you've been going through. Lots of love to you and your family. Hope you are well soon. I'll still be here when you get back ;)

Thanks again for all the goodness you put out here.

Love and Laughter,

Allison said...

You could only post once a year and I would still check your blog. Really.

I hope your health improves and that the music continues to make you smile.

oddharmonic said...

I've been watching your posts all summer waiting for my kiddo to come home from her summer vacation so we can listen to the new songs we've found through your blog.

Last month she danced along with "Rockin' The Suburbs" while we waited to board a flight in Dallas. (:

We hope you're on the mend soon.

kelli ann said...

glad to see you back, and glad that your spirits are so great. will keep on checking, and reading, of course... best of luck

Jeff - OWTK said...

more warm, caring thoughts heading your direction. take care of yourself. my OWTK family is thinking of you and youra.

heather said...

You're back! And it's not cancer! So we've got (at least) 2 reasons to celebrate. While I am sure you do not relish the thought of chest surgery, I am glad for you and your fam that this is something that you can get through and heal from (damn fetal immune thingy). I would love to guest post for you. Let me think.... Pearl Jam songs for kiddies? :)))

A big hug, email about Colorado coming soon - and I have something to mail to you about CO if you send me your address to my email.

Stefan said...

Clea, glad you're back and all is (relatively) well.

Mrs. Davis said...

Welcome back!!! What an ordeal for you. And congrats on your 100th post!