Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lollapalooza: MMJ >> Husky Rescue >> Oh No! Oh My! >> Wilco

Oh my gawd. My flu turned into a lovely respiratory infection so I've been truly down 'n' out in the worst way. But on this, the end of day two of my antibiotic run, I'm feeling well enough to post from the comfort of my bed. I thought I'd stick to my most recent theme, it's been easy enough after all. Bands playing Lollapalooza. I've got a few new-to-small-ages tunes and then I'm gonna re-share a couple of Wilco tunes, although I know I haven't posted one of these tunes before.

So here goes: My Morning Jacket is one of those bands that I think just sound lovely in the background, the kind of band that kids aren't offended by, but generally don't call their own (I'd say Built to Spill is in this category as well, at least from my limited experience with my own kid.) But then, in the middle of Z being on, I guess in the background, my daughter started singing, "Off the Record." She says she really likes it, so here you go.

I know nothing about Oh No! Oh My! and got this track from I Guess I'm Floating. But hey, it's a great one for the kids, ain't it? They're opening for the Flaming Lips on some dates, they are playing here in San Diego in August, playing with Jeremy Enigk. This song is so sweet and lovely and poppy. The other song I have by them is all electronic, although honestly, it's kind of good for kids too.

I've posted a Husky Rescue song before, the one that was on the Canadian kid's LP. I didn't realize how much I liked them till my friend Keith told me to give the Helsinki band another listen. Yeah, it's super pretty, loverly, delightful even. This song, while not my favorite from Country Falls (that would be "Summertime Cowboy"), is good for sleepytimes. Oh, and that's them in the picture, above.

Wilco, still my favorite band. They become more favorite with each release, if that's possible. My kid truly does love this band, she can pick out Jeff Tweedy's voice effortlessly when she hears them in a store or on the radio. I think I've posted two of these tracks before, they are two of her favorites. But I didn't post the final track, "Just a Kid" from the Spongebob Squarepants soundtrack before. Not their best tune (it's just a classic pop song essentially, no tricks) it's still a fun one, perfect for the kids in every way and it purportedly features Spencer Tweedy, Jeff Tweedy's son, on drums. Remember, his own band, The Blisters, are also playing Lollapalooza.

My Morning Jacket, "Off the Record"
Oh No! Oh My!, "Walk in the Park"
Husky Rescue, "Sleep Tight Tiger"
Wilco, "Magazine Called Sunset"
Wilco, "I'm A Wheel"
Wilco, "Just a Kid"

Hopefully I'll be good to go now that the meds are kicking in and I'll post the rest of the week. I have a few golden oldies (from my college days) to share.

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Oh and look, my book got a write up on the Cool Mom Picks blog. Checkity check it.


The Two Mirrors said...

glad to hear you're feeling at least a little better. Your presence was missed. Man, the little A's love my morning jacket (the jacket as they are called at my house). The opening track on Z is their fav. I think it's that opening bass line. Anyways--I hadn't heard that On No Oh My song and I'll give the kids a listen in the am.


oddharmonic said...

It's nice to see you back. We love Wilco here, too.

The electronic group my 6-year-old loves to tell people about is the Splashdown . It was love at first sight when she heard "Karma Slave" in Titan AE.

Jeff - OWTK said...

Hi there,

"Off the Record" is a perfect kids song. When Z came out (even before hand, as that was one of the two songs MMJ offered on their site as a tease) my girl and I would dance around the house to that track.
It is on my list for my next Music Suggestions for Kids list (hitting my blog next week), now it is going to look like I am ripping it off (sm)all ages! Oh Great! haha.
We are going to see Jim James from MMJ solo next weekend - cannot wait!


jessica said...

Are you in San Diego?
Husky Rescue is performing tonight at The Beauty Bar (myspace.com/thebeautybar). I wasn't sure is I wanted to go, and now I'm excited! Sounds like it will be a lovely performance. You should go too!