Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My computer lives!

Sure the keys on the right side, like the return and the delete, stick a bit and take an extra beat to pop back into their original place, but hey, I can live with that. That's what my baby looks like, to the right, only mine has an all-over tinge of brown and the faint smell of Columbian coffee fields. Just enough to make me salivate and crave a cup every time I sit down to type.

Working on a project right now and what with Blogger down for hours earlier, I am gonna have to do a little teeny tiny post. Tomorrow's will be much bigger.

While I was waiting for blogger to come back up, and stalling and procrastinating on that project I'm working on, I loaded a bunch of CDs that I just found this morning in the back of the stereo cabinet. Apparently, they fell back there eons ago and there they stayed amassing a large collection of adorable dust bunnies. So from these practically new old CDs come these gems, just right for your family's listening pleasure.

The Beatles, "I Me Mine"
The Beatles, "One After 909"
Joe Jackson, "Look Sharp!"
Michael Jackson, "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"

I know, many of you are simply creeped out by the MJ in any form. I understand, but he still makes me wanna shake my rump.


deb in sf said...

Ah! Goodness on the mac. And I loves me some Joe Jackson. I haven't thought of him in probably as long as that cd's been sitting back there. Thanks for that!