Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm a freaking idiot

Dumped an entire cup of coffee on my open laptop today. That's what I get for swinging by Starbucks, someone's trying to teach me a lesson. It appears to be working, at least for now, as I type this. But who knows what the near future holds. I have backed everything up which is why I'm not in a fetal position sobbing violently.

Let's get on with this just in case Polly here poops out on me.

The Kinks. You know all about them. Ray Davies, his brother, rocking Brits who could really write a song when they wanted. Great for the kiddles. Sorry if I've posted any of these already, but they're so good twice is nice.

The Kinks, "Animal Farm"
The Kinks, "Have A Cuppa Tea"
The Kinks, "Picture Book"
The Kinks, "Big Sky"

Buy Ray Davies last CD. It's good.

Oh and speaking of buying stuff, this is the last day I'm gonna bug you for awhile. BUY MY BOOKS.

I Wanna Make My Own Clothes, By Clea Hantman
I Wanna Re-Do My Room, By Clea Hantman

It's a deal, really. Pages and pages of fun.

And I have ressurected my other blog for a bit. Yer Little Sister has the MP3s I captured from two Austin City Limits shows, one with the Flaming Lips and the other with Wilco. Did I mention the Flaming Lips one featured Chan Marshall on Black Sabbath's "War Pigs"? Oh yeah. I've got more coming throughout the week, provided my computer holds up.


Phil said...

Their Soap Opera concept album is a classic for me.