Monday, June 05, 2006

Brought to you by the letter "O"

Today's songs have but one thing in common: the band's start with the letter "O." Make that two things: they are also enjoyed by my daughter.

Truth be told, my kid likes anything by the Old 97s and I think that might have something to do with the fact that it was the last show I saw with her in my belly. She was but weeks from her coming out party. I've posted an Of Montreal song before I think. This one is sweet like sugar. And lastly, Optigonally Yours was a band that consisted of Rob from Pinback and um, Goblin Cock and Pea Hicks on the optigan, a guy who has played with a lot of different bands / people over the years. They live in San Diego, like me. In case you don't know, the optigan is this sort of organ like thing that plays "discs" of recorded instruments somewhat crudely. It was made by Mattel, as in the people who brought you the Barbie. The result is a bit weird. The music, with Rob on vocals, is oh so childlike and kooky.

Optigonally Yours, "Mr. Wilson"
The Old 97s,
"Big Brown Eyes"
Of Montreal,
"Spoonful of Sugar"

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Also, congrats to Bill of Spare the Rock, who was chosen as "Cool Mom Dad of the Week." He seems like a pretty cool dad to me. I'm a fan.

The Rawking Refuses To Stop is a blog that I've been enjoying of late, mostly for the good tunes posted (Pipettes, the Bens, Radiohead, Phoenix just to name a few from this past week.) He has posted two classic Disney tunes recently.

In case you were wondering, and I'm quite sure you were, I did not win the chili cook-off. I tasted them all, mine was far superior. I was robbed. The block party also had a face painter, rock climbing wall, jumpy bounce house and stuff out to decorate your bike with. My daughter decorated her wagon and when she failed to receive a prize, she pouted, just like her mother. C'mon! It had bells hanging off the back like a little toddler wedding mobile. Genius.

And finally, my book is officially out tomorrow, but apparently people have received them already in the mail from pre-ordering so please, go do it. They really do make awesome summer gifts, they'll give the 9 thru 14 year olds of your life something productive to do with their time. Crafts that do not require a lot of money or big equipment. I tell them how to make clothes without a sewing machine for crying out loud. This is good stuff. There is also one more out at the same time, but alas Amazon doesn't have the picture posted for it. It's called "I Wanna Re-Do My Room" and it's crafts for your younger one's living space.

Buy my book (please.)


deb in sf said...

so totally robbed! On both counts! probably the judges kids won... you know how it is with those neighborhood contests. gets nasty. Really, sounds like fun.

O song we dig :

Olu Dara, "Your Lips"

congrats on the book out tomorrow! Will we see you all over tv?

Phil said...

O groups my kids like: OK GO, Oingo Boingo, Owsley, and... mumbling O-Town.