Thursday, June 08, 2006

She was kissed by an Angel

Blogger down. Blogger up. EZ Archive down. Blogger down. Urgh. Blogger up. EZ Archive still down. Blogger down. Arghh.

Also found among the dust bunnies: Cocktail Mix Swinging Singles, Vol. 3, a Rhino production. Here are few of the drunk songs that are fun-fun-fun for dancing 'round the house. I like the big band pop tunes of this era, they have drama and pomp and verve. Ignore all the alcohol and gambling references and these are good times for the little ones. And don't worry, when Della here sings about a Tramp, the kids are thinking Disney dog.

Count Basie & Tony Bennet, "Are You Having Any Fun?"
Stan Kenton, "Tequila"
Della Reese, "The Lady is A Tramp" (my favorite version of this song)
Diana Dors, "Come By Sunday"
Peggy Lee, "Heart (Corazon)"

I think this CD may be out of print. It's a fun one.


Chara said...

I adore this version of "Lady is a Tramp." Only my husband knows how many times I've belted it out at the top of my lungs while in the shower!

Dainon said...

Ha. I have this album as well. As well as the first couple volumes. Lounge music fuels us sometimes, y'know?