Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Not The Wiggles (Never!)

The ideal band for me to write about, why hadn't I thought it up sooner?

The Woggles, no that's not a typo, are a garage band that has been around for years (since 1987) and have been putting out a huge catalog of hip shaking, rousing good fun dance music. They are the type of band that all have fake silly names (like "The Flesh Hammer" and "The Professor"), wear matching outfits and record for labels like Estrus and Telstar. I like bands like that. I mean, I don't want to follow them around the country, extolling their brilliant lyrical content, but a few songs on a dance party compilation is damn good fun. And you cannot believe how good this "Red Light, Green Light" song is. My kid loves it and she innately knows how to shimmy and shake like she was on Ready, Steady, Go!

The Woggles, "Red Light, Green Light"
The Woggles, "Hang Loose"

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PS- Most of their full-length stuff is on eMusic.com, ready for download.
PSS- The Contrast Podcast is anew once more. We're not on it this time 'round, which makes it all the better. Topic? Part One of the "best of the year thus far."


Tim Young said...

Hi Clea ... ther is still space on CP#7 if you and TUesday have a track in mind! Thanks, Tim.