Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pickin' & Grinnin'

It was inevitable that I add a few of these songs to the blog, but let it be said, I'm not a huge Jerry Garcia fan. I mean, I love his ice cream. :) And I always admired his politics and his attitude, but the Dead? Pass. His work with David Grisman is pretty traditional (the whole "Old and in the Way" stuff) and in fact, this record (Not for Kids Only), which was intended for children and adults alike, is equally traditional: lots of picking and grinning, sweet and easy and old fashioned. In other words, my daughter doesn't like it one bit. But perhaps yours will. It's quite nice for the little-er children because it's gentle and soothing. These are classic songs done up pretty classic folky style and they're just nice, ya know. Nice.

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, "Freight Train"
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, "Teddy Bear Picnic"
Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, "There Ain't No Bugs On Me"

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Phil said...

It's not exactly sweet and easy, but it is old-fashioned... And my kids like it. I'm talking about the new Springsteen CD. Have you heard it? My son loves "Old Dan Tucker" (as do I... reminds me of Mr. Edwards on Little House).