Monday, May 08, 2006

I Love Part Deux

I got a couple of comments on the "I Love Them" post with suggestions for songs so I thought today, since I'm getting a later than usual start to this blogger thing, I'd feature those songs. The first comes from Phil over at A Family Runs Through It a great blog about being a stay at home dad. (And by the way, he has an mp3 up of the extended version of the "House of Mouse" by Brian Setzer, a fun one for 'round the house.) He's sweet on a song from Mull Historical Society AKA Colin MacIntyre. I like that band too.

The second tune comes courtesy of reader Krista who has sung the praises of Tom T. Hall to me. I do admit, I like his song "I Like Beer" although admitedly it's not so appropriate for this blog.

Mull Historical Society, "How 'Bout I Love You More"
Tom T. Hall, "I Love"

Not enough music? Fine... in further news, also related to last week posts, check out the Sesame songs I've found on other blogs:

** The Rich Girls Are Weeping has put up a few more tunes.
** And, a fantastic record blog called The Record Robot posted part of the LP from Roosevelt Franklin who was a puppet voiced voiced by the original Gordon, Matt Robinson. Very cool stuff. And um, funny.

Lastly, this weekend when at a party someone asked my daughter how old she was. She answered, "Four and three pennies."

More about: Mull Historical Society (with downloads each week)