Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Contrast Podcast: Color

Hello and howdy, this is Clea of smALL AGES. Oye veh. I hate my voice, I don't know why I even try these podcast things.

Oh wait, I do know. Cause Tim is cool. This Tim I speak of is the guy who puts on the Contrast Podcast, mentioned it a few days back and now the latest is out. The theme? COLOR.

OK here are a few important pieces of info I left out of my intro: That's guest vocalist Miho Hatori (of Cibo Mato) on the track, not Ron Foutainberry singing. Probably should have said that on the commentary track, I just got so distracted by my daughter's laughter which overtakes it all.

Contrast Podcast Headquarters

So go to Tim's site for the Contrast Podcast now and you can sign up for the feed or just click the link. Once again, a great collection of songs, a great idea well executed.

In other news:

I heard from Asha over at Parenthacks.com, which is a funky little collection of parenting info that I quite like. She was just saying hi and so I'm saying hi back. Check out the site, it's got lots of interesting info for parents.


One of the cool things this Portland momma mentioned on the site was a documentary currently in the making by Jackie Weissman called Rock and Roll Mamas about several women musicians (Did you know Kristen Hersh has four sons, ages 2-19?!) who are balancing motherhood and a creative life often led on the road and how it isn't that different from the rock and roll lives we all lead as moms. Watch the trailer on their site. And if you're in Portland (Michelle! Teri!) then maybe you should think about going to their CD release party! I could seriously go on and on about this but I won't. Just go check it their blog, momma musician profiles, news & more.


How I do love those scrappy Portlandites and their brethren, the we-came-from-somewhere-else-but-now-we-live-and-breathe-Portland.

In more other news:

How about some music? Here are the songs I could have played on the COLOR podcast, but decided they were too obvious / annoying / un-representitve of what we do here. For your listening pleasure.

The Colourfield, "Pushing Up The Daisies"
The Essex Green, "The Big Green Tree"
Ris Paul Ric, "Purple Blaze"
Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell, "Little Red Caboose"
The Beatles, "Yellow Submarine"
Beat Happening, "Black Candy"
Breeders, "Lime House"
Nick, Jr. "Colors"
Redd Kross, "1976"
Rex Hobart, "It's Not Easy Being Green" (re-post)
The Most Serene Republic, "Content Was Always My Favorite Color"



cchang said...

I think your voice is lovely...and Tuesday sounds so happy.

Chad said...

I just found your site (through the podcast), and I think it's such a fantastic idea. You guys totally rocked the intro (putting mine to shame!) and the song was just incredible...

I'll definitely be stopping back again soon.


Phil said...

The new Essex Green CD, Cannibal Sea, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Great songs for kids too, especially "Don't Know Why (You Stay)"

Tim Young said...

Tuesday has won everyone's hearts and wins the official CP star for 'best laugh'. Hopefully we'll get to hear you guys again in a future CP? Thanks again for an excellent choice and such a nice write up! ATB, Tim

Asha said...

I love to be referred to as "scrappy"! Thanks for mentioning both Parent Hacks and Rock Mama Films. We are all rock stars after all.

Jackie said...

I too am psyched to be referred to as "scrappy". Thanks. And thanks for mentioning both my film, Rock N Roll Mamas, upcoming cd release party event, and Parent Hacks.

You probably already know about these folks but I thought you might really enjoy some other scrappy Portlanders who are doing excellent things on the music front for kids and parents. Greasy Kids Stuff is an amazing radio show that now plays on our wonderful 94/7 Alternative Portland on Saturday mornings. Good for both kids and adults! They stream out of a station in NY and moved here last year and just recently joined 94/7. Check them out if you haven't already (94/7 streams).


superclea said...

Thank y'all I love the kind words. And scrappy you Portlandites are and Tim your podcast is my favorite so there. Cheers.