Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dirty Ol' Egg-Sucking Dog

As usual, I had this other post I was gonna do today and then I read something on someone else's blog that made me go "oh-oh-oh!" And now I'm on to another tangent. The blog was Rich Girls Are Weeping. She was actually posting on something she saw on yet another blog, Ugly Floral Blouse. The item in question? Johnny Cash on Sesame Street. The song that UFB posted is "Five Feet High And Rising" which I have re-posted at the end of this post for your listening pleasure. Cash performs that with Biff a seriously lesser Muppet that I only vaguely remember. And I was an addict back in the day so really that's saying something. They mention briefly the episode in which Johnny sings with Big Bird as well, that song is "Don't Take Your Guns To Town" refashioned as "Don't Take Your Ones To Town." YouTube has that video, which I watched a few weeks back and got a good chuckle over. I have the audio to that too, below. But the real wacky Johnny Cash sighting wasn't on Sesame Street, it was on the Muppet Show. (Which by and large had much crazier musical guests and loopy song interpretations... Elton John in a swim cap anyone? Vincent Price covering Carole King? Alice Cooper singing with a laugh track behind him. Possibly my favorite, Buddy Rich vs. Animal in a drum-off! YouTube has a lot of them.) But back to Johnny. The song he sings on the Muppet Show is "Dirty Ol' Egg-Sucking Hound," and it mentions kicking the dog in the head and shooting it. Yep! Poor Rowlf gets to play piano alongside Johnny fearing for his life. Seriously. Check it out, below, and I've added the audio as well, as a separate file. I'm not playing this one for my kid, I think she'd seriously be disturbed. But hey, good parenting is subjective so do with it what you may! Also at the end, you'll find a couple more muppet audio gems. I have a ton of this stuff, so this is just the tip o' the iceburg. More at a later date. Now for that video...

And now for the songs:

Johnny Cash & Big Bird, "Dont Take Your Ones To Town"
Johnny Cash & Biff, "Five Feet High & Rising"
Johnny Cash & Rowlf, "Dirty Ol' Egg-Sucking Hound"
Fozzie Bear, "Wakka, Wakka, Wakka" (it is what it is, short & sweet!)
"The Muppet Theme" in Hebrew


Stefan said...

Michael Stipe singing "Furry Happy Monsters" (to the tune of "Shiny Happy People").

Best. Sesame Street Guest Appearance. Ever.

superclea said...

I know I love that one. But it isn't on You Tube, or at least I didn't see it there and I don't have it as an mp3. Anyone???


heather said...

I LOVE SESAME STREET. Great pair of posts. And hubby loves Johnny Cash, and Samuel does too as we played it for him in utero - so these songs will be a WELCOME ADDITION to the "Samuel playlist" on my iPod. ;)