Monday, May 01, 2006

The Hollow Trees

I've been receiving a a whole bunch of CDs from artists making music for families and most of them are enjoyable and wondrous things. I haven't had a chance to listen to everything yet, but here is one of the very first ones I got. The band is The Hollow Trees, they are from LA and they make lovely classic folk music that appeals to the kiddles and, if you're partial to the banjo, adults as well. I like the banjo. And I like a gal on a stand-up bass and this band has both. Greg is on guitar, Laura is on Bass, love the dress by the by at right (with Rick sometimes on Banjo and Dave on a snare.) They cover many a classic and have a few originals. They play the Atwater Farmer's Market sometimes and that sounds like a nice outting, if you're in that part of the country. They often play at the Los Feliz kids' store Dragonfly DuLou, if you're familar. And finally, they'll be hitting the Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest on May 21st. Sounds like a hoot to me. This is quintessential Sunday afternoon outdoor music. They have a CD for sale on their site (and they are available for private events in the LA area, if you're so inclined to have a hoe down for your honey's birthday.)

The Hollow Trees, "Jack Was Every Inch the Sailor"
The Hollow Trees, "Raccoon and Possum"

About two hours south, in San Diego, we have a Sunday Farmer's Market in the Hillcrest area that we like a whole bunch. The band that plays there usually is called the 7th Day Buskers. I love 'em. They are playing to the whole crowd with their banjo, guitar and mandolin renditions of both kids' songs, original stuff and cool covers (Replacements' tunes are almost always performed). Yesterday we went and we sang along to the Cake song, "She Ain't No Good For You" and the classic, "Old MacDonald" plus we ate some of the best apples I've ever tasted and it ain't even apple season really. Good times people. If you're in our neck of the woods I highly reccommend it.

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Phil said...

Banjos are great... Steve Martin once said something like, "You just can't play a sad song on the banjo. Everything sound so cheerful."

I just discovered a singer named Chris Trapper who uses the banjo in a lot of his songs. I'll probably post one of his tunes on my blog.

Also, Sufjan Stevens, of course. He's probably done more than anyone in recent years to bring the banjo into popular music.

superclea said...

Hey Phil I love that you brought up Steve Martin! I had forgotten his love of banjos. He's quite good on 'em. So nice to hear from you!