Friday, March 16, 2007

The Sidewalk Soon Will Launch You

When I yearn for a pretty voice, and sometimes I do, there is one in particular that always hits the right place for me: Karen Perris of the Innocence Mission. It has an other-worldly tinge to it that doesn't distract from the sheer beauty of it one bit. I suppose it's her accent, but no matter. I feel it in my gut somewhere, the ache in her voice translates to one in my body.

There is a new CD from the Innocence Mission, out this week, entitled We Walk in Song. I can't say I've heard much off of it, only two songs (haven't made it out to our local store yet this week) but what I have heard is more of the same glorious, gorgeous stuff that would make for the most ideal soothing lullaby for children of any age. This isn't a children's CD, like their 04 CD Now the Day is Over, but really, that just means the subject matter isn't all candy and slumber.

Here is one of the songs I've heard. It has the sound of early morning indeed. I love love love the background boy ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba's.

The Innocence Mission, "Into Brooklyn, Early in the Morning"

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deb in sf said...

So lovely. So so lovely. The singer of The Finches sounds like her a little bit. They are super mellow and pretty too.

I'm gonna be ba-ba-ba-ba -ing all day. Thanks, love.

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