Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Bunch of Music

Here's the latest round-up of what we're listening to. Course, my daughter's still obsessed with listening to "Walk Like An Egyptian," the theme to Mystic Force Power Rangers (over and over and over) and REM, particularly "We Walk." The Pipettes are still big in our house, as are the Beatles, but they should always be present, no? Now what's new to us?

Despite the adorable cover (at top) and the sweetums title, this new CD from Super Furry Animals' frontman Gruff Rhys, was not intended for the kiddles. And that's usually how I like my music. The tinkling sounds and weird little musical dippin dots make it especially fun for the kids (that, and he keeps repeating the word "candy.") I've heard a few off of this CD and I like 'em all.

Gruff Rhys, "Candylion"

My daughter thought this song only "okay." But she didn't yell for it to be removed from the playlist so who knows, perhaps it will grow on her. I still don't know anything about a Luscious Jackson kid record but bassist Jill Cuniff's latest solo project features this uplifting, girl-positive dance-a-thon. It's not innovative or brilliant, but it's fun and super for a slumber party shake-up.

Jill Cuniff, "Happy Warriors"

This is the latest song to take my daughter's ears by storm, courtesy of the band The Chalets. She loves the girl's voice and the catchy sing-along bits. And she loves the guitar. Oh and the beat. Seeing as it's called "Red High Heels" it may not be lyrically appropriate but I can't tell, I can't make out much more than "uh-oh, uh-oh." And neither can she.

The Chalets, "Red High Heels"

This song just keeps growing on me. From the Little Monster label, Gustafer Yellowgold is a whole multimedia thing, but you know, you can strip it of the visual hoopla and it's still delightful and lovely music. It's a nice summer's day, a picnic of a song. Their publicist would like me to tell you that the whole CD Wide Wild World, is coming out at the end of March. She's nice, and I like this tune, so I'm gonna.

Gustafer Yellowgold, "I'm from the Sun"

That's it for the new recordings, now on to some tracks from days gone by. Rainy Day, the album and I guess sort of "the band," came out back in 1984 on Rough Trade. I got the record a few years later and then a few years after that found the CD in a bargain bin for $4. They obviously didn't know what it was! Susannah Hoffs (the Bangles), Kendra Smith (Dream Syndicate; Opal), David Roback and Will Glenn (Rain Parade; Opal; Mazzy Star) and Michael Quercio (Three O'Clock; Game Theory), and a few others, got together and recorded this nine-song LP of covers - they do a beautiful version of "I'll Be Your Mirror." But it's this Dylan-penned song that I most yearn for -- it is gorgeous, just a beauty of a song and features Susannah on vocals. My daughter loves it, you can just see her posture melt into a pool of relaxation and comfort, she inevitably comes and hugs me -- and ain't that what the song is about? A must for any new-parent lullaby mix CDs you may make in the future.

Rainy Day, "I'll Keep It With Mine"

Fun from the Five By Five EP, circa 1994. All the Pizzicato 5 rings true in our house. It's just fun dance music and my daughter loves to pretend she can speak Japanese.

Pizzicato Five, "Twiggy vs. James Bond"

Lastly, I bring you a taste of exotica. I must have heard this on the Re/Search comp "Incredibly Strange Music, Vol. 1." It's also on one of the Ultra Lounge comps, I think the Space Capades one. Someone referred to the shuffling toots in this recording as "synthesized farts." Kids love fart noises! A fun instrumental. Till next time...

Dean Elliot & His Big Band, "Lonesome Road"


Idaho Dad said...

Great variety of songs! My daughter has been on an early Beatles kick lately. I made her a career-spanning mix of their songs, but she keeps repeating tracks like "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "Can't Buy Me Love."

My son is into punk-pop, which has forced me to explore that genre. Bands like Simple Plan, The Click Five, Relient k, FM Static, and Making April. I guess I like this stuff too, but it almost seems like all these bands share the same lead singer, they sound so similar.

I've played them the new Shins CD, which I love, but it's not doing anything for the kids.

T. Carter said...

"Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru" off Candylion was a big hit with my two-year-old as soon as I explained that it was a song about buses and trains and transport ...

The version from his Times Online Podcast is especially fun; Nialler9 ripped out MP3s from the set.

Jeff - OWTK said...

We are lovin' Gustafer! My review of the little yellow fella was just published on - and I am very excited about that.

To Phil's comment - The Shins new record has not make a dent in my girl's ear. Very odd, considering how unbelievable catchy Mercer's melodies are.

The Chalets sound cool. I cannot, for some reason listen to Red High Heels, but I listened to a couple samples on their website. Thanks!

Tim Young said...

Hi guys .. next week's Contrast Podcast theme 'Cool Choones for Children' is made for you guys ... any chance of hearing you on it :) Tim

Anonymous said...

Inadvertantly, I played Lonesome Road and Twiggy at the same time. They sounded good together!
Thanks for that Rainy Day link.

heather said...

Thanks for that wonderful Rainy Day bit of forgotten musical history. I love side projects like that. That would be a fun blog to run, nothing but side project bands.

Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE that Pizzicato 5 song. I pretend that I know how to sing the words.


Hope you are well!

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