Friday, January 26, 2007

Walking like an Egyptian While Riding a Bike to the Zoo Where it's all About Poo


My daughter has become obsessed with Egypt. We're not sure where it started, but I thought I would feed it so recently I taped hours upon hours of Travel Channel Egypt specials and she can't get enough of it. She actually said, "I could watch this all day" and if you know my daughter that's saying something-- she's not a big TV kid. Lounging in front of the TV for her - thankfully - is reserved for when you feel sick. But the Sphinx and King Tut and dead people, it's all just too fascinating. ("It's just so intsteresting" she says.) So what does an intelligent Mom do when faced with such an interest? Probably get her a good book. What I did, not being the most intelligent Mom on the block, is get her hooked on this cheesy song.

The Bangles, "Walk Like an Egyptian"

I wrote about the band The Bicycles and posted one of their fabulous songs before. Here's another. Their CD, The Good, The Bad, And the Cuddly is fun stuff. This is adorable pop from Toronto. I read an article that compared them to comic bands of my youth (like Josie and the Pussycats or the Banana Splits) and I say hooray!

The Bicycles, "B-B-B-Bicycles"

Belle and Sebastian put together that collection of hipster bands doing kid songs at the end of last year called Colours Are Brighter complete with the Brit spelling of Colours, which I love. In fact, I like the spelling of Colours better than I like this song. But hey, it's not awful, it's just that I had higher expectations. The chorus is enjoyable, but the rest of it has a Saturday morning PBS pre-school gloss I could do without. But hey that's just me.

Belle and Sebastian, "The Monkeys Are Breaking Out Of the Zoo"

Finally, I know this is mildly inappropriate, but what kid doesn't like a good song about Poo? I had never ever watched Scrubs until, ironically, I was in the hospital getting that tomato taken out of my chest. It's in syndication rounds like mad and you can see it at any time of the day on any number of channels and there I sat in my hospital bed watching it and you know, I found it surprisingly funny. My husband thinks it was the juxtaposition of being in the grimy hospital myself while watching a surreal and sanitized version that made me laugh so and perhaps he was right but now, on occasion, when I find myself up at night, I watch it. And I laugh. So, we taped the "musical" episode and there it was: a song about poo. And here it is for you and yours.

Zach Braff & Donald Faison (from Scrubs), "Everything Comes Down to Poo"


deb in sf said...

Nice juxtaposition with Mrs. Davis, even though I'm sure that wasn't planned. I'm so not playing that song for max, because I will pay dearly. But I WILL play it for my husband (for which I will also pay dearly, but at least I can walk away).

Max is going to dig the Bangles. I don't know why the heck I haven't played it for him before. He's walking around like a heiroglyphic in bursts. He loves Egypt, too. When he's not breakdancing or being a ninja. Thanks!

--ginger. said...

I've got some dear friends tramping all over egypt right now with their three kids, and blogging about it--they've even got some fun video posted. Your daughter might enjoy checking it out:

Jeff - OWTK said...

I have a couple pictures your child may love, taken in the Louvre a few months back. My daughter was also digging the sphinx there.

I am going to email the photos to you later tonight. Hopefully your girl will like them.


Are We There Yet? said...

jeff - where are my pics?? and ginger... thanks for the great link, we checked it out. so cool!! thank you all for commenting :)

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