Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Medeski, Martin & Wood

Many of you have probably come across this Little Monster record label (a subsidiary of the rumored-to-be money-troubled V2) if you traverse Stefan's Zooglobble or Amy's Mrs. Davis sites. They have a roster that is already a handful of artists deep, including the weird and not entirely pleasing to me "house band" of sorts that did that Beatles cover record, albeit with some mighty fine guest stars (Bangles, Rachel Yamagata, Marshall Crenshaw, Grandaddy.) Anywho, they also have the upcoming children's CD from jazz modernists Medeski, Martin & Wood and what do you know, I dig the first song they've posted quite a bit, the second is alright. The first is just a stop-start instrumental with a kid wondering out loud where the music has gone. And the latter is a conventional kids tune, although it does have a slight Shel Silverstein-esque story about pirates to offer us. It's enjoyable enough, and it's download-able on their site and well, here, below.

Medeski, Martin & Wood, "Where's the Music?"
Medeski, Martin & Wood, "Pirates Don't Take Baths"

Also download-able on their site: two Robbert Bobbert songs (that's Robert Schnieder of Apples of in Stereo), a few of those Beatles covers (see for yourself, tell me what you think), a few soul covers by I assume the same house band (and it's regrettable if you ask me) and something by the mysterious Ralph & Ralph. I can only hope it's Ralph Stanley and well, Ralph Stanley. Wait, is he dead? Oh, lastly there is the loopy Gustafer Yellowson, which I believe is more a full-scale visual and aural assault when on tour, but the music ain't bad. I'm definitely curious enough...

Medeski, Martin & Wood CD is due in April, as is the Gustafer Y DVD.


deb in sf said...

Hey, Clea!

Ralph and Ralph is Ralph Carney who's known for lots of stuff, not least of which is the work he's done with Tom Waits, the B52's, Elvis Costello, etc... and his old friend Ralph, uh? I forget the other Ralph. Darnit! But Ralph Carney is an amazing musician and plays some totally amazing stuff. Lots of saxaphones, clarinets, tiny trumpets, a clay duck...

He plays on some of Enzo's records and guests at his shows here in SF sometimes. He also plays in a bunch of Jazz bands (his own CarneyBallJohnson among others) and is just crazy creative and fun. Anything he puts out for kids and families is sure to be a hoot and a half.

Are We There Yet? said...

Thank you Deb for your knowledge and insight and yes, I recall you telling me of him before. THANKS!!!

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