Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Now The Day Is Over

The voice is Karen Perls and it's pretty for sure, but for some inexplicable reason, it has something more. More. There is radiance and awe and a little fireflies worth of magic. Wistfulness and a soft ache. Even something a little exotic. And I'm not normally taken with music this delicate. There is such beauty in these simple songs, songs you and I already know, that if and when i'm in need of a musical glow these songs totally fulfill. Her husband Don is the guitarist. We can't know such things, but you get the sense there's is a peaceful home. And if these sorts of things matter to you, Sufjan is a fan. So is Joni Mitchell.

The Innocence Mission, "Over the Rainbow"
The Innocence Mission, "Once Upon a Summertime"

One of their "adult" songs of their own creation (loverly lyrics):

The Innocence Mission, "Tomorrow on the Runway" (from Befriended)

It all sounds like this, calming and soothing and gorgeous. The whole CD is available on eMusic, so you can go download it now, as your free 25 tracks if you are so inclined. And Daddy's, you got to hear the song "Bye-Lo."

More about: The Innocence Mission


And greetings new readers! I am SITE of the Week over at Much More Than A Mom. Thank you Nicole for the kind words and allowing me to say a few words about my favorite subject: me!


Michelle said...

Visiting over from Nicole's blog - congrats on site of the week! :)

Stephanie said...

Visiting from MMTaM, Very good recomendation. Great Job on Site O' THe Week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is some wonderful music. Thanks! --z.h.

deb in sf said...

She does have a cool voice. Where the heck is she from? I couldn't take time to read all those pieces they had on their site. All I could find is PA, but she sounds like Bjork, or something - accent-wise. Anyway, thanks for the beauty on this fine day.

chelle said...

Beautiful music! thanks for sharing!

Congrats ... Over here from Nic's!

Matt said...

I adore the Innocence Mission. Their "grown up" CD's are great. "Birds of My Neighborhood" is their best album. My wife and I bought "Now the Day Is Over" while she was pregnant. My son (now 2) used to go to sleep listening to it and Sigur Ros. Don Peris (guitarist) has a new solo CD out and it is getting good reviews (I have not got it yet).

Much More Than A Mom said...

So sorry that your post looked gimpy (on my end anyway...)

I have fixed it and reposted it a day later when my internet is back for a few minutes. Sorry it took so long!