Friday, September 29, 2006

Luscious Junior

Bill at Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child totally made my day today by posting that Luscious Jackson, one of my favorite bands from the 90's (the time when all my knowledge of cool music ends) is getting back together to make an album of kids music! Heck ya! And so to celebrate, I neglected to make my kids' lunches this morning and we did what we always do when we hear some kick tushie Luscious - we jumped on the bed and danced and were late for school. Hey, some things are important in life. Gotta have priorities.

My kids are just about to grow out of being able to listen to MY Luscious Jackson - pretty much completely inappropriate for kids, lyrically. Though, since Annie starts taking her clothes off as soon as she's strapped into her car seat after preschool, Naked Eye is her song. And I sing "hear me now, I'm an Alien Mother" instead of Alien Lover - even though that song's really no big deal, either.

Max, at six is now starting to want to know what every song means, so I'm psyched that we're going to be able to give him his own LJ record to listen to and we can still rock on and dance party - without having to explain Jolene On the Freeway (or is that Kostars? Whatev.). YipeeSkip.

Naked Eye
Alien Lover

And we get to go hang at the beautiful Park Chalet in Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco and hear Enzo and Charity Kahn this weekend with my family and friends and beverages. What could be funner? I am a very happy girl.

Have a great weekend, y'all! -
deb in sf


The Two Mirrors said...

Deb you win the prize for best guest post so far. I used to LOVE Luscious Jackson. I had never considered letting my little Anna listen. She is going to love them. I can't wait until she wakes up tomorrow.

Did you ever hear Kostars. It was a side project of L.J. and the lyrics are a little more kid friendly. Ive got a post going up this weekend and I'll make sure to include a Kostars song or two

Thanks again.


The Two Mirrors said...

Somehow missed the end of your post where you mentioned Kostars. So strike the last part of my comment. I was just too excited.


deb in sf said...

thanks, zak. You know, I'm just here for the lovely parting gifts. I can never hope to rock as great as you and Phil and Clea. But, I'm having fun.