Monday, August 14, 2006

Random Songs iTunes Picked for Y'all

Just some random goodness that my iTunes pulled up in the last few days. No rhyme or reason to it, other than I thought, "Oh, that's a good one I haven't heard in awhile" and "I don't think I've ever posted that one."

Quick unrelated story: went to the art museum with my daughter this last Friday and had the most wonderful time. She actually picked out a painting she saw from a distance and asked if it was a Mary Cassatt! And it was! She has a book from the series titled "Getting to Know The World's Greatest Artists" by Mike Venezia on her and she recognized the style, not the actual painting which isn't in her book, but the style. T'was an awesome Mom moment. I highly recommend the books from Venezia's series-- we also have the Frida Kahlo one and she has announced she's going to be her for Halloween (or Kiki, from Kiki's Delivery Service.) Side note: The docent from the museum came over to say hello and asked my daughter what her name was. The docent didn't scrunch up her face with disbelief like so many (older) people do. No, she announced that was her very own daughter's name too! And then went on to tell us she has two more daughters: Friday and Sunday. Yep, they were all named for the day she gave birth. Wow.

Call and Response, "Rollerskate"
Mocean Worker,
"Chick A Boom Boom Boom"
The Ditty Bops,
"Bye Bye Love"

The Ditty Bops cover of the Everly Brothers' tune is just sweet and purty, nothing revolutionary but purty nonetheless. The Mocean Worker tune is just a fun kick up your heels groove. Oh, but that Rollerskate song, how I love thee. A favorite, it encapsulates a mood that I know and adore and wish I could return to more often. They have a couple more MP3s on their website. The gal, Simone Rubi, is now making music under The Rubies. Unfortunately, the music on that site ain't working. Poop.

More about: Call & Response; Mocean Worker; The Ditty Bops


kelli ann said...

hooray for ((sm))all ages, once more! it's raining right now in Sutton but the music inside is sweet & upbeat.

just one thing: i really, really, really wish i could listen to the music link while reading the post-- kind of a soundtrack to the post. right now, the archived music opens up in the same window- navigating away from the text. i am such a nerd -please don't jump all over my comment if it's something i just have to click on my browser... ;-)

oddharmonic said...

Kiki would be the best Halloween costume ever!

My 6-year-old daughter is waffling between D.W. from the Arthur books and Atomic Betty.

Incidentally, she asked for the new Ditty Bops album for her birthday. I was so proud of her.