Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Yeah with a Z.

So Lollapalooza is going to be held in Chicago this year, on August 4th-6th. Essentially over my daughter's fifth birthday. Wish I could take her, I think she'd enjoy it. Of course, last time we took her to a music fest out of state, we suffered through allergies, heat exhaustion and whacked out bedtimes. And we saw nary a band.

So we're bringing the Lollapalooza to the blog. Of course Pitchfork's fest is the same weekend, and maybe they're having a kid's stage too, but I dunno. I will check into that. Maybe later I'll bring Pitchfork's fest to this blog, but they have their own, far bigger one, so well, maybe that makes no sense at all. At this here blog I thought I'd post on the various bands that will grace both the kid's stage and the various and sundry "other" stages. Because in general, I don't love the kid's music. I mean I like some of it, but what really makes me happy is when my daughter is shaking her booty to Wilco or Belle & Sebastian or the Raconteurs, just to name a few in-house faves. But more on that later. Today, kid's stage. The bands that will be performing at Lollapalooza on the kid's stage are as follows:

Peter DiStefano (Kid's music? Really? Isn't this the dude from Porno for Pyros?)
Justin Roberts
The Candy Band
Ella Jenkins (Official God-Mom of Kid's Music)
Q Brothers (I'm not convinced this is music)
The Blisters (Jeff Tweedy's son's band)
Asheba (Kid reggae)
Chutzpah (Jewish Rap, with a song entitled, "Super Jew")
ScribbleMonster (A fake monster made of scribbles fronts a band)

Plus, Kellee McQuinn and Kid Tribe (A dance "class" of sorts), the Alvin Ailey Dance Camp (ditto) and the now famous because of the movie, School of Rock kids.

Okay, so I like Ella Jenkins for her old-school cool folk tunes and her completely bitchin' deep-throated voice that sounds wise and kind and heavenly. I've never been the Justin Roberts fan. I just don't get it, but I know some of you do. Perhaps those who do should tell me which songs to listen to because thus far, I haven't heard anything I want to hear again. (Sorry!) I did see he has performed at Chicago's own Hoot Night with such wondrous performers as Kelly Hogan and Nora O'Connor. In fact, so does Scribble Monster (or rather, Scribble Monster's backing band, the Shysters.)

The Blisters are the pre-teen band featured in that Quaker Oats commercial that's floating around and are none other than Jeff Tweedy's sons and their friends. Cute. I think.

So that leaves the Candy Band. I may have posted a song or two before. They're funny, and for me, if you're gonna be a "kid's band" this is sort of the way to do it: loud, energetic, simple and fun. Oh yeah, and I like that they're chicks.

Candy Band, "Skip to My Lou"
Candy Band,

There are way more songs and videos for the Candy Band on their website.
For some Shysters' / Scribble Monster songs, visit the music page on their website.
For some Chutzpah clips visit their web page.

Lollapalooza's Kidzapalooza Website
- Children under 10 are free.

PS- Since I mentioned her birthday, I might as well ask you: got any good ideas for a party? I have been entertaining the idea of a Tuesdayapalooza. You know, get a few bands, throw an outdoor concert dance party. But oh, the work. Thoughts? Anyone, anyone?


Matt said...

I like Justin Roberts Meltdown and Yellow Bus albums best. It reminds of Paul Simon meets They Might Be Giants hanging out with Ben Gibbard of Death Cab. Off the new album two of the best songs are "My Brother Did It" and "Cartwheels & Somersaults." Off Yellow bus, "Willy was a Whale" and "One Little Cookie" make me smile.
I tend to like punkier stuff or else Death Cab/Damien Rice, but Justin Roberts' stuff is so pop-perfection I just can't keep myself from liking it.

Stefan said...

Matt's comments re: Justin Roberts are spot-on (though I don't hear much TMBG in him). He can really write power-pop songs with the best of 'em. ("Our Imaginary Rhino" off Meltdown! is also quite good.)

Matt said...

I hear TMBG in his vocals. They both have a similar nasal vibe going on. They also both do a good job of making witty turn of phrases.

boyhowdy said...

Interesting sidenote: Salon today decided this genre is called "Kindie Rock", and posts some useful audiofiles as evidence of the breadth of it. Surprised they didn't mention you, or the better podcasts you keep in your own sidebar.

Article here, music here.

You'd probably seen this...but if you hadn't, consider two things:

1. You're cutting edge! We knew that!

2. Now that Salon caught the wave, maybe more traffic is on its way here as we speak?

boyhowdy said...

D'oh! Hadn't realized, but of COURSE you're about to get more traffic -- the Salon audio 'graph ends with a link to YOU!

Congrats, Clea! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving Kindieblogger!