Wednesday, May 17, 2006

There Are No Songs About the Okapi, Or Are There?

We're off to the San Diego Zoo tomorrow. It's a field trip with school and I'm stoked. It's actually a really beautiful setting, right in Balboa Park. I love the zoo with my kid, and it's super fun with all her little friends in tow. My daughter's teacher asked the class which animals they want to see most since the place is so big and the following animals were the winners:

Snake - Zebra - Panda

In that order. So funny. The snakes? Um, okay. So the snakes are first up tomorrow. How about some songs to get us all in the mood? You can be there in spirit.

Deerhoof, "Panda Panda Panda"
Magnetic Fields, "Zebra"
Lone Justice, "Rattlesnake Mama"
Saint Etienne, "Let's Build a Zoo"

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Monty said...

So weird I should stumble onto this post - I have an Okapi song for you on my new CD. Well, actually it's about a frog, but it has an Okapi reference in the chorus.

The song is "Fred's Frog Flippy." The CD is Paws Claws Scales & Tales,

The chorus is:

Fred says a watched pot never boils, you know
Watched popcorn never pops
While you're watching an Okapi she will not stick out her tongue
And a watched frog never hops.

This came from a trip to the zoo where I saw an okapi stick out her tongue and lick the back of her ear! They have very long blue tongues. Anyhow, I had my whole family standing there watching for this amazing tongue but it never came out again. They still don't believe me.

Monty said...
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