Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Other people covering music for kids of late

Second post of the day:

I meant to write about this earlier but forgot, so here goes. The new cartoon flick, Over the Hedge, features a buncha new songs (and a redux of an old one) by Ben Folds. I like Ben Folds. These songs are typical of the kid movie genre and therefore aren't as good as Ben Folds is in general, but still, they're catchy, pop tunes that will probably snag the ear of your little one, especially if they've seen the movie. And I'll take Ben Folds over say, The Cheetah Girls, any day of the week. So having said all that, I Guess I'm Floating has the tunes, so go get 'em.

I'm trying to see if I can mention Heather from I Am Fuel, You Are Friends more than any other blogger so, here is my second mention of her for today: She did a post last Friday about good music from kid film soundtracks. I nabbed me a couple I didn't have, I bet you don't have 'em all either. By the way I'm gonna have to mention Heather a whole lot more often to win that prize.


Phil said...

I bought the Hedge soundtrack just on the strength of Ben Folds' name. Turned out to be a great purchase. I had it in the car when we came out of the movie theater (the kids loved the film) and immediately played the CD as we pulled out of the parking lot... You can imagine the hero worship I got as the kids' mouths dropped open, like "Whoah, how does Daddy have the music we just heard?!" Hey, it's magic!