Friday, May 26, 2006

Ha ha hee hee ho ho

I've had half a dozen crying jags in the last 24 hours, mostly, at least on the surface, induced by the kindergarten dilemna (my local one kind of sucks) but really brought on by the wackadoo inner workings of my downward spiraling mind.

To honor my current state of being:

Napoleon XIV, "They're Coming To Take Me Away"
Jospehine XIV, "I'm Happy They Took You Away"

I've got more to say today (and not about the wackadoo) but it will have to wait till tonight.


deb in sf said...

Ah, kindergarten. It did it to me, too. The way they do it here is enough to drive anyone completely mad. I feel you. Gotta know with parents who care, she's gonna come out great, no matter. Here's my favorite crying jag song. Gets us up and dancing every time...

Luscious Jackson, "Mood Swing"