Thursday, April 06, 2006

Me and My Arrow

Most people over the age of 30 or so remember The Point, singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson's pop fable from 1971. The story of a round headed boy (Oblio) in a pointy world. I was probably about seven or so when my mom got us this record and I have to say, I thought it pretty hipyy drippy even then, at 7. It still smacks a little too much of the 70s for my taste, but it is sweet, with a lovely message so I try to push past it on occasion. I love the needlepoint cover. And it's not that I don't love Nilsson—he did write "One" afterall, a genius song (Three Dog night, later covered by Aimee Mann for the Magnolia soundtrack.) And the theme to The Courtship of Eddie's Father, though mega-sappy, is sooo delightfully sweet. And then there is Nilsson's big promotion of Randy Newman, a very very big fave of mine (he recorded a whole album of Newman songs.)

Harry Nilsson, "Everything's Got 'Em"
Harry Nilsson, "Me and My Arrow"
Harry Nilsson, "Are you Sleeping"

Bonus Song: Harry Nilsson, "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" Theme

The Point tracks are from vinyl so for the whole story, remastered and clean sounding, buy it here.


Tim Young said...

I can't explain how much I love Nilsson and The Point! Did you hear my Remix of One on the first Contrast Podcast?


laurie said...

when i posted over at sweet juniper that my recently made mix "Music for Kids that isn't Kids Music) included a Harry Nilsson song, i had not yet jumped over here to see that you posted about him today. anyway. the song i included on my mix was "Gotta Get Up" from Nilsson Schmilsson which my kids love and i love love love.

thanks for the other HN stuff here. and everything else too.

Anonymous said...

Yay The Point!
I'd also like to mention here (while were waxing about kids movies from the 70's) Free To Be...You and Me, and Really Rosie.


Anonymous said...

OOO yea "Free to be You and Me" rocked my world. Thank's so much for the "Courtship of Eddie's Father" theme. Good, good memories....

Dylan Gaughan said...

So glad you dropped by my blog, so I could follow you back over here and finally get a few more tracks from this Nilsson album. Definitely going to order the CD now.

Jared said...

This is one of my favorite albums, especially when I feel like singing. My mom used to play this for me when I was a kid, and I completely forgot about it until college. When I get a dog, I'm naming it 'Arrow'.

Last year the animated film (narrated by Ringo Starr) was released on DVD.

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And then there is Nilsson's big promotion of
Randy Newman, a very very big fave of mine.