Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lullababies (and Guest List Pt. 2, sort of)

So I've added a few more tracks to the Lullaby Mix from Heather of I AM FUEL YOU ARE FRIENDS, below in yesterday's post. That EZ Archive was acting up as it is prone to do. Wouldn't let me upload nothin'. Now that Heather has opened my eyes to the world of calm music for children (who woulda thunk?) ideas keep rushing through my brain at a speed that is anything but calm. It's not that I didn't try them out on my daughter, I think I did. And I know she does love that Eels song, the one from Shrek 2, "I Can't Sleep." I put that one on my own lullaby mix, the one I made for my pregnant friend that was about 50% ripped off of Heather's. Also to my list I added Alexi Murdoch's "Orange Sky" and Nick Drake's classic "Pink Moon," mostly because they look cool next to one another visually on a playlist, but of course, they sound loverly next to one another aurally as well. I'm not posting either of those because the Alexi song was recently on someone else's blog and the Nick Drake song may be the only reason people pick up his CD and the whole thing is pretty gorgeous so I don't want to tempt anyone away from it by supplying "the hit" here. I'm for anything off Willie Nelson's Stardust CD and so I picked "Someone to Watch Over Me" because it's thematically befitting. I am not posting that now because as I said yesterday, I'll be gone next week, sort of kind of, and where I'll be has to do with Willie so I'll be posting him at the end of the week. So in the interest of keeping this entry of reasonable length, I'm gonna post two covers I placed on my own lullaby mix. Two covers that are so fantastically re-worked from the original arrangements that they stand on their own, giving the songs different undertones of meaning. And as an extra added bonus, they may put your kiddies to sleep!

M Ward, "Let's Dance" (from KCRW)
Inara George, "Fools in Love"

More about: M Ward, Inara George

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boyhowdy said...

...and that's why we come here.

Thanks so much for these two entries -- I had a few of these, but not all, and love every one.

Keep up the great work!

Dainon said...

So I'm trying to contact you via e-mail, but am not sure the "Email me" button is working.

What I wanted to know is, would you be interested in trading mixes, via e-mail? I'd love to get a copy of the lullaby mix and, well, I'll send you one of mine. I promise I only compile the quality stuff. You can trust my words. Lemme know, eh? And keep up the great work.


Dainon said...

I didn't mean via e-mail. I meant good, old-fashioned snail mail. The kind that comes with postage. My fingers tend to get ahead of myself sometimes.

Medical Blog said...

So in the interest of keeping this entry of reasonable length,
I'm gonna post two covers I placed on my own lullaby mix.