Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I don't remember how I first heard about Chic-A-Go-Go, the cable access dance party show for all ages since I live in San Diego. But somewhere I did and I ordered the CD (i actually ordered three because if I remember correctly, they were selling for 3 for $10!) And it came and made me laugh a lot. It's some wacky stuff. I hadn't thought of it in some time but then yesterday I read a post on My Old Kentucky Blog about a band called The Telephone Company and how they have been on Chic-A-Go-Go. I'll write about them tomorrow, but today I thought I'd give you a taste of the craziness that is Chic-A-Go-Go in case you are uninitiated. It really is a punk rock soul train. And like Pancake Mountain, this show is led by a wise-cracking puppet (here named Ratso) and like that other show, it features plenty of punk rock bands heretofore unthought of as "for the kids." Although Chic-A-Go-Go's clan is a whole lot scruffier. This is some serious cable access kids. And I like it. Oh, and the CD has thirty-two songs and/or clips from the show. What a deal!

The Goblins, "Chic-A-Go-Go Theme"
Kelly Hogan, "The Great Titanic"

M.O.T.O., "Dance, Dance, Dance"

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This is some serious cable access kids.