Thursday, April 27, 2006

I So Heart Hassle Hound

I almost couldn't wait to post today, that's how much I'm digging this particular song of this particular band. I heard Hassle Hound on the Staubgold CD Childish Music (more on that at another date, it's quite fun!) Their contribution to that CD, "Lucky Bugs Win Prizes" is a new favorite at our house. It's a little freaky-deaky and yet so very calming and pleasing too. These guys (and girl) from Glasgow sound like they're playing toy instruments, which they may in fact be, with loads of loops and samples and yet it's not really like any electronic music I am heretofore familar with. And the Staubgold obviously dig it a whole lot, they use the bug song as the theme music to their website. The second song is a bit more familar and not as enchanting but it's still cool playtime music. And it does have this nice little break where they start talking (or sampling?) Let's just leave it at, "I dig it." Their full length is on Pickled Egg Records. It's also available on eMusic and I say go get it. They've also done one of those Twisted Nerve split 45s.

Hassle Hound, "Lucky Bugs Win Prizes"
Hassle Hound, "Hallo to the Owl"

Since the song title speaks of bugs how about a bonus song that is possibly enjoyable for your kids, should be immensely enjoyable to you, recently posted by and courtesy of the lovely Heather at I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS.

Brendan Benson, "Insects Rule"

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** PS- Check out Contrast Podcast, curated by Tim Young (of the face of today), it is my very most favorite podcast of late and not just cause I'm gonna be on the next one. The current one is themed "quadrupeds" and golly-gee if there aren't some awesome song picks. My favorite tune on the list is probably the Weakerthans track, posted by the blog Underqualified. But heck, it's all good. **


Tim Young said...

Geez. Glad you are enjoying the podcast so much. Everyone should know that CP5 will be out next Tuesday (hopefully) so make sure you make a note to come and hear the (sm)all ages contribution then!