Thursday, April 27, 2006


Two posts in one day! But this one contains no music, sadly. I just wanted to write and link to an article that was sent to me recently from New York Magazine. It's all about the closing generation gap, old people like myself dressing young (as my husband says, "it's frankly impossible to be forever 21") and spoon-feeding our children cool music. But in the end the author hits on something that I think has been driving both my husband and I, something we try to instill in our daily lives and therefore in our daughter, and that is passion. And for the record, my daughter does listen to plenty of "children's music," it's just not of the Barney or Wiggles variety because, well, why? There is plenty of good music that she does enjoy. And let me tell you, she's quite vocal about what she likes and dislikes and it certainly doesn't always correspond with my tastes. And also for the record, she has really good inherant style so the author is wrong on the whole toddlers don't have their own sense of style rant. And lastly I have to rail against the alterna-dad author for his lame quote about "Wilco being over." Whatever. Who says crap like that? But overall, a fascinating look at how our generation (or since I have no clue how old any of you are, my generation) has changed from our parents. Course, my parents listened to cool music (remember my Willie post?) so I think I'm a bit of an exception. My hubby's parents, now there was some god-awful (and god-fearing) music. Poor boy. Anyway, check it out. I'd be interested in hearing your opinions.

Up With Grups, by Adam Sternbergh

And thanks to Keith for the article.