Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Boy Elvis, Real Rock

Janis Martin may have been called "the female Elvis," but unlike Wanda Jackson, she didn't really know him. It was just a name the label gave her to sell more records, one she wasn't too comfortable with supposedly. Anyway, she has said she was a Carl Perkins fan. Heh-heh. She was a teenager when she recorded these songs and I think it shows, in a good way and not in that Avril-Lavigne-I'm-still-a-teenager-but-I'm-not way. Included is the her cover of Roy Orbison's "Oob Dooby." And "Bang Bang" is as close as I get to letting my youngin' play with guns. Anyway, more two-minute hoedown ditties for the kiddies. And you.

Janis Martin, "Bang, Bang"
Janis Martin, "Ooby Dooby"
Janis Martin, "Cracker Jack"

There are plenty more gems. Pick up a greatest hits Janis Martin CD, like this Bear Family one, at Amazon.


Phil said...

A few months ago I saw a PBS documentary on Janis and some of the other early women of rock n roll. Even in her sixties, she can still belt it out!

Health Blog said...

Anyway, she has said she was a Carl Perkins fan.