Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fujiyama Mama

Today's entry is all swinging rockabilly girl love with the fabulous Wanda Jackson. From 1956 to the early 60s Wanda produced some kick ass tracks that have all the growl and snarl of a wild woman letting loose on a barroom of bears. The story goes that Elvis suggested she try out the rockabilly sound (they were an item there for awhile, she was singing your basic country jamboree) and so she did with "I Gotta Know." She had a huge hit with "Let's Have a Party" but it's "Fujiyama Mama" (an Earl Burrows song) that she became most known for. Listen to her raw femme power on that one folks... it's just plain exciting. I have the Pearl Harbor version of the song on vinyl, but haven't quite figured out how to to record my albums (I have tried the mic jac to mic jac and it just sounds like crud - any suggestions? If so, email me please.) So dig out the cowgirl hats and have a kid-sized hoedown. And tomorrow? Why it's the gal known as the Female Elvis!

Wanda Jackson, "Fujiyama Mama"
Wanda Jackson, "Let's Have a Party"

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ion said...

A good friend wisely hipped me to your site, knowing that I'd find plenty to like here. And he was right! St. Etienne, Disney music, songs sung by kids ("Get Behind Me Santa" was brilliant), Wanda Jackson, The Beach Boys and so much more. Makes me want to have a kid -- I'm bidding on one on eBay right now. I love the sister site too. Great to see a former OTR employee movin' up in the world ;)

heather said...

gasp! your comment on my blog was so fabulous, it absolutely made my day. i would be pleased to be your desert island blog. yay! i am someone's desert-island-something!

and let me know if you ever want me to undertake the task of trying to convert you to pearl jam through the selective and sneaky use of some amazing songs that maybe you just haven't really given a fair shot yet. ;)

superclea said...

Okay so who are you Ion that you know I'm a former OTR person? Way former. Past life former. Thanks for stopping by and good luck on the bidding ;)


jon manyjars said...

Here's a mind-numbing article on some of the commercial software available for vinyl ripping:


jon manyjars said...

And here's some less expensive advice, which I copied from somewhere on the internet without noting the source (bad manners). By the way, I love that Pearl Harbour LP.

"I use dbPoweramp's Auxiliary Input (shareware) (http://www.dbpoweramp.com/) to record wav files from the source; and Audacity (freeware) (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) to edit the wav files and export them to MP3.

"If the source is filled with hiss and pops and clicks, there's a shareware program called Popfix (http://users.chariot.net.au/~voskulen/popfix/ popfix.html) that will clean up wav files. I'm not certain if it's still being updated.

"I have my receiver output going into the computer sound card in jack -- two RCA jacks out, one stereo 1/8-inch jack in. Easily obtained at any halfway-decent stereo store (e.g., RadioShack)."

superclea said...

Thank you Jon. You're just so helpful!

About Medicine Blog said...

Listen to her raw femme power on that one folks.