Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wanna Be Friends?

So Jack Johnson has recorded a bunch of songs for the Curious George movie and they are out now. First, I have to say, I hear from people who know, that he’s a simply lovely person as cool and laidback as you’d expect. Of his music, well it bores me a bit and this stuff is no real exception. Will your kids like it? If they like floating down a slow river on a piece of driftwood, yeah. My kid is more a Pixie-sticker. In fact, she really loves the White Stripes a whole lot, and well I’ve come to find out, so do many children. I was listening to Bob Boilen’s end of the year wrap-up on All Songs Considered on NPR and he had on music writer Will Hermes who admitted his four year old daughter was a big fan (he even called her from the show and held his cell up, a fact he finds a little regrettable, but it’s still cute.) So what’s the White Stripes – Jack connection? Well Jack Johnson covers the White Stripes’ “We’re Gonna Be Friends” on this Curious George thing. And while the cover is perfectly pleasant, I’m putting money on the idea that your kids would rather hear the original. And you know that leads me to another point. Why do people feel the need to “cover” adult songs specifically for children and yeah, I am in part talking to the Kid Bopz but also to this horrid Devo redux. I mean, Devo is like the ultimate kids music—angular and peppy and easy to sing along to in a silly robotic voice while you make funny stiff Frankenstien moves with your arms. So back to the White Stripes. Because of course, the best song of theirs for the kids is “My Doorbell” and not just because the video stars a roomful of children. So, hit me!

Jack Johnson, “We’re Going To Be Friends”
The White Stripes, “We’re Going To Be Friends”
The White Stripes, “My Doorbell”

Buy the Curious George soundtrack at the Brushfire Records site. Buy the White Stripes everywhere, anywhere. And mom, dad, if you are a big Jack White fan, check out the Raconteurs a band he is also in and whose website currently features new song for download!


Miles said...

. . . Devo is perfect kids music? Have you listened to any of their lyrics?

Anonymous said...

Miles, DEVO is good kids' music if you want smart children. Their lyrics do not glorify violence or sexism, unlike most of what kids are going to be exposed to in mainstream music. Yes they are weird but life is weird; better that children learn this early.

Health Blog said...

So back to the White Stripes.

xl pharmacy said...

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